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This Weeks Commentary:

A belated congratulations goes out to Peyton Manning for, what is likely, his last opportunity to grab the big prize. For such a long time he has been the benchmark by how most other quarterbacks are considered. He has played with distinction, physical toughness, intelligence and always seemed, at least to me, to be a good family man and a good father as well as someone you would like to know and call friend. Then out of the blue there have been the rumors about his using PED’s. But more than that there have been reports circulated that he had sexually assaulted a female trainer during his days at Tennessee University. Sadly, for me at least, there are those who delight in ruining someone when they have risen to the pinnacle of their craft and their personal and family life just because they can.

Assault to me means that someone forced, beat, threatened by force or a show of force or verbally threatened someone. Obviously there is no room for that behaviour anywhere, by anyone, at any time. Discussion finished. The perpetrator needs to be punished and the punishment needs to fit the crime. In the Manning case it was 20+ years ago. He made a number of mistakes regarding his decisions and was subjected to some pretty sketchy advice by his father and his coaches. Was he right–absolutley not. Did he damage that young ladies career–yes he did. Can any of that change–no it can’t. But is destroying his reputation and likely his family life the only way to gain some satisfaction for his earlier stupidity. I would rather see him, quietly, become involved as a spokesperson for men with educating freshmen, especially athletes, about appropriate behaviour and respect regarding women specifically and people in general. His message would have much more creditability and impact and a great deal less notoriety. It all could have been agreed to in a private meeting of the principles involved. Afterall, it is between two human beings and not the world at large. What needed to be said could have been said. This isn’t about hush hush and behind closed doors but rather about trying to create a win win for ALL involved certainly including the woman who was assaulted.

5 Things That Men Should NOT Do 


This Weeks Parenting Tip:

This is the last parenting tip in the series of ten tips that I had put together in a program that goes into more depth and explanation regarding each tip. However, this is the most important one of the ten and hence the reason for the last one spoken about. All the other tips have been built upon the previous tip so that a base of trust and honesty could be established.

One of the things that doesn’t happen much anymore for young men (except in the Jewish Faith) is a celebration marking the time when men welcome a younger man into the group as an indication of their acceptance and recognition of that young man as having completed the journey from boyhood to manhood. He is now seen and treated as an equal in the eyes of his peers. He is expected to govern himself and behave in a manner that signifies that he is no longer a boy but rather a man. He is now capable of making adult decisions but he is also responsible for the outcomes of those decisions. Those attending are usually adults who have a genuine interest in the young man’s life and who remain the younger man’s mentors–father,older adult siblings, uncles, aunts and close and valued adult friends. There remains a pecking order among his adult peers and respect of elders is an unquestioned expectation.

A keepsake is usually offered be it a coin or medallion of some kind or a family heirloom–something that has importance and will be carried constantly. It marks the importance of the ceremony and the moment.


Next Week It Begins:

All things going according to plan next week will mark the beginning of this page mentioning  a colleague who has wonderful resources available for all to benefit from. Different authors or teachers, Psychologists or coaches will offer their knowledge and expertise so that the visiting public to my site will be exposed to innovative thinking and different approaches that could improve the quality of our lives. Stay tuned

Blog Interview From Vancouver With Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Had a great opportunity to chat with Dr. Evers at the beginning of this week. She is such a wonderful caring human being who has produced many resources around the power of affirmations. She has worked with Deepak Chopra and Bernie Segal in the past. She has been a radio personality for ten years as well. She loves working with cancer patients and those folks who are really struggling to maintain any hope in their lives. If anyone is interested in tuning into the interview it will air on Saturday February 20 at The Anne Marie Evers Show on beginning at 3:00pm our time.


Anyways, that’s how I see things this week, all the best, Jim

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