If I Could I Would . . .

I’m not sure where the thought came from and it really doesn’t matter but the idea of what would I do–what changes would I make if I had the power to make change happen is intriguing. In my case this idea will always remain a fantasy so I have the luxury of doing this tongue in cheek for the most part but with a certain amount of sincerity and truth involved. You can be the judge as to which is which.

I need your help to do this however. I’m considering writing another book–a small one that would be about what the people who pay taxes and those who may be fed up with certain things the way they are would do if they could. Consider this a possible research project. What I am asking is that you respond back to me with your comments or solutions regarding some situations I am about to put forth. You don’t have to agree with me of course but please send your comments along anyway. If I get sufficient responses then I would consider putting the answers in a book for the public to read and hopefully enjoy. Here we go:

  1. I’d sell Queen’s Park. Nothing of any value seems to go on there anyways. We could sell it off as a tourist attraction–“This is where democracy used to reside.” That way we could keep Hydro One and Ms. Wynne would have to go home to her own riding and do her thing from there. We have the technology to vote electronically and to ensure our security. Votes on bills and business could be done on line from constituency offices or from home for those who are shut in but still want to vote.
  2. We could do the same thing with Parliament Hill for the same reasons. Ever watch question Period? What an embarrassment and a mockery of Canadian Politics. Half the time it sounds and looks like an episode of SNL.
  3. We should have a ‘straight pride’ parade for all the heterosexuals out there who are proud of their orientation.
  4. Folks who are having babies as fast as they can and are receiving social assistance need to decide if they would have as many kids if they weren’t receiving assistance. People need to be free to have as many as they want–not a problem. However, If YOU cannot afford them then keep your knickers up until YOU can.
  5. During an election campaign when one politician makes a claim or comment about another candidate during a public discussion of any sort but it can’t be substantiated or proven immediately with concrete evidence he/she should step down and out of the race. It’s slander and should be treated as such. Same thing for when a party does it. Say it and you had better have proof. No wonder there is such apathy at election time. Politicians need to answer direct questions with direct answers. If you can’t or don’t then get out of the race.
  6. Let’s give the elected party 100 days to fulfil at least one of the major promises it made during the campaign. If an elected party fails to produce what they promised in a specified period of time with no plausible explanation and no exceptional circumstances then they need to vacate the position of ruling party-call another election and be directed by whatever happens at those polls. This would force governments to rule with more honesty if they were held accountable for their claims.
  7. People should be allowed to practice their religious beliefs without prejudice or fear provided they respect the cultural and religious rights of the host country. If they organize and threaten the rights and freedoms of their hosts we should grant them the right to return to any other country in the world that will have them.
  8. We need to have a stronger voice and more input into those major federal issues that determine the rights and freedoms of those who cast their votes. As taxpayers and true citizens we need to have a say in the abortion issue, capital punishment, going or not going to war, and increasing taxes beyond the ability to combat inflation and, by the way, stop whining about funding CPP. It’s our money so just give it back to us and stop giving it to some tin pot dictatorship in a foreign land who cares nothing for us.
  9. Leave unions alone. They are not the problem. People buying from WalMart is the problem. When contracts are about to expire tell unions/employers they have 30 days from the end of the contract to come up with a reasonable settlement proposal so bargain in good faith. The employers need to be held to the same standards. No deal–then strike action is possible–for 30 days. They must lock themselves in a hotel room somewhere and bargain during any job action. If still no settlement then the whole deal goes to arbitration and both sides take their chances.
  10. Leave the teachers alone. It’s not the teachers union that needs to be overhauled it’s the system that is headed by the ‘old boys’ network that needs overhauling. Take Ms. Wynne with them. Why not let the real teachers build the new program and keep the other idiots out of the deal. The classroom should not be the home of our moral compass either.
  11. BONUS POINT–Let’s get rid of political correctness before it kills us all. IF we got rid of gender identified issues and just treated everyone with the same rights, dignity and respect deserved by any and all human beings there would be no need for PC.

There are many others but these are the ones that most folks talk about when they talk about what frustrates them and what spawns that anger within.

Anyways, that’s how I see it for today.

Please forward your thoughts and solutions to what I have written about above. I really would like to hear from you and I really am considering putting this information into a book of some kind.

I also have a new web site that I invite you to check out. It is bare bones at the moment but is up and running: jimcloughley.com

You can email me at: jim.lifechoice@gmail.com      I look forward to hearing from you, all the best, Jim


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