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Video Pick For The Week:       “LEST WE FORGET”

Truly a week to remember. When I thought about re-capping what went on for me this week I recognized it really pales in comparison to the need  for us all to remember November the 11th. I can’t imagine the emotions of those who ‘hit the beaches’ or those who lived in muck up to their knees for days and weeks on end. For those who charged machine gun nests knowing full well they were not likely going to survive the experience. All for our freedom and for us to,hopefully, live our lives free from tyranny, fear and hopelessness. So for all those who were unable to spend two minutes yesterday remembering those sacrifices please give this a listen and say ‘thanks’.


The Podcast Series With Dr. Anne Marie Evers:

Finished up a 6 part series with Dr. Anne Marie Evers after discussing the challenges many parents face, especially single moms and dads, when trying to help guide their young men through the transition from boyhood to manhood. We explored several solutions that I outlined in my book which is titled titled “A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons.” The link for the last podcast should be in place on my web site-(media page)-this week sometime. Thank you to her for granting me the opportunity to share this very important message and information with her listeners.

Dr. Evers has written several books on the power of affirmations and has also produced some books for daily use. She has travelled all over the US and Canada delivering her message to thousands of grateful people who have shared the power she speaks of. Check out her web site and her new book called:

Affirmation Life Tools: 70 Ways to Cope with Chemo and Other Medical Treatments

Foreword by Dr. Bernie Siegel


The APSGO Conference:

Had a great day at the APSGO.ca Conference in New Market, Ontario where I had been invited to present one of the workshops. Apsgo stands for The Association of Parent Support Groups in Ontario, Inc. The day was well attended by parents who were enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity to be present with so many other parents who are searching for new strategies and approaches to raising their kids. What a great group of people who have dedicated themselves to helping to support those parents who are in need of information and guidance while they face the challenges of bringing up teenage children. I’m surprised that there isn’t an APSGO group in Niagara where I live. Parents in the Niagara Region are truly missing out on a great resource.

Podcast With Dr. Stephanie Stanfield:

I’ll be participating in a podcast with Dr. Stephanie Stanfield during which we will discuss my book: “A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons” and some ideas or ways of being more successful as parents while helping sons to transition from boyhood to manhood. We’ll touch briefly on the four cornerstones that comprise the basics of healthy and satisfying parenting experiences. Dr. Stanfield will expand on some of the programs she has recently created called the ‘Calm Moms Program’ and how they can be useful in providing much needed relief to busy moms as they try to balance work and raising their families. Go to her web site at “Making Shifts Happen: Living A Purposeful Life” for more about the other exciting programs that she has to offer. You can also access her programs by clicking on the green button to the right of this article.

All the best and please share this newsletter with friends who may be interested in improving their living experiences–all the best, Jim

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