7 Things To Consider In Order To Maintain Your Sanity.

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This time of the year, especially, finds many people so stressed and so separated from reality that they feel as though their heads are going to blow off.  WE really are the authors of our own destruction. Read on to see how to stop this from happening.

This is the time of the year when things are supposed to be all warm and fuzzy. We are supposed to reflect on our blessings and feel grateful not panicked, anxious and stressed. We try to be all things to all people but find out that it can’t be done. We are supposed to spread good will and cheer but find out that some don’t want that either. But many folks will soldier on anyway. They don’t give up. They rush around buying things they don’t need and spend much more than they can afford hoping to cash in on some of that Christmas Spirit. They are determined to do something ‘nice’ for somebody but in the process they get tired and unbalanced.

Here are seven things that we can do, if we choose to do them, that will help us move through this season and come out the other side with our sanity in one piece.

1. Before you take on any more chores, favours, visits, parties, or commit to doing this and making that ask yourself this very important question: Do I have the time, energy and resources to do what I am about to commit to doing? Please understand that NO is a complete sentence. It is very explicit as well and it is OK to say it. You might want to choose another way of delivering the message but the end result is the same. If you can’t do what you are being asked to do then say you can’t but thanks for asking. They will understand and you will survive as well and friendships will remain because no one was disappointed-not really.

2. Ask yourself if you can take on anymore and still get YOUR stuff done so that you have time for relaxing and spending time with good friends and family?

3. What was your very first thought when you were asked to do ______? If it was ‘I just can’t’ or ‘please don’t ask me to do that’ then there is your answer. Try to live by the statement that if you have to talk yourself into doing something then it is likely not a good thing for you to do.

4. If you had to disappoint someone by not committing to something that you really don’t have the time or energy to do would you rather it be your family–your children perhaps or someone outside of your family?

5. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and our needs FIRST if for no other reason than to ensure we will be better prepared to spend time with our children and family should they need us. Besides, if we don’t take care of us who will? Taking care of ourselves is the one job that no one else can do for us. We need to take it more seriously. It is not selfish to put ourselves first but rather is self-care. Do it without question. Those who love you will be glad you did.

6. Try being who you want to be rather than trying to be who others want you to be. Try acting in your own best interests. It’s OK to do that. Your family and your spouse will love you for it.

7. Try to understand that disappointing others is inevitable but feeling guilty about it is optional.

Anyways, that’s how I see things. Comments are always welcome. Please connect with me at:

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Merry Christmas to all and please keep it safe. All the best, Jim


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