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Great stuff from out west: Had occasion to connect with a colleague from out west recently. Dr. Anne Marie Evers brought me up to speed with some remarkable things she is involved with and told me about her most recent book and how gratified she is about sharing her work and wisdom with many others especially those who are facing difficult health risks.

Looking forward to doing a podcast with her in August (more to come about this) so that we can continue our conversation.

She sent me some links that anyone is welcome to use to check out her thoughts and what she has to offer. You will be fascinated with her work.

Dr. Anne Marie’s books and e-books are available on and, Barnes & Noble, etc. etc.  Her main book is entitled “Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness” which is now in its 8th edition. And now her brand new book “70 Ways to Cope with Chemo” is also on both places.
Dr. Bernie Siegel even wrote the foreword for her 70 Ways to Cope book.  Check out her sites as well:

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