The Week That Was . . .

An interesting week as they most always are:

Some folks will tell you they are busier now that they have retired than they had been at any other time in their lives. Honestly I was a bit scepticle of that statement but I have found that it is mostly true.

Did the third of a series of four podcasts:

I connected once again with Dr.Anne Marie Evers to talk about the third in a series of four podcasts regardng my book “A Man’s Work Is Never Done: A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons.’ We have been discussing each of the 4 ‘cornerstones’ needed to create a healthy and fulfilling life. During previous discussions we talked about developing a positive sense of self-value/self-esteem; anger and how it can be seen and used as a positive motivating force in our lives and living in relationships with others as well as ourselves. Next week we will talk about the fourth and final cornerstone dealing with parenting and the importance of co-parenting our children.

The broadcasts can be heard on Just type it in on your browser and go to the Dr. Anne Marie Evers show. It will be on the air on Saturday October 17th between 3-4pm EST or if you miss that one the link will be on my web site by Wednesday, October 21st. Just go to then go to the media page and click on the link.

Still a few spots open for speaks:

I still have a few opportunities available to speak to groups, meetings or to do ‘lunch and learns’ for businesses. If you are looking for a speaker contact me at and go to my contact page or send me an email at and I will be pleased to return your call.

Write your book in 90 days:

We did a writers workshop back in August but we are still offering that program on line including one to one support. If you have a book you want to write and self publish please to contact me at the above email address or go to my web page for more information. We can save you a great deal of time and resources ($) and provide you with more information than you thought possible for a very reasonable fee. Don’t let the concern about how to publish your work or how to market your work keep you from getting back to us. You will be surprised how simple it is to get your book out there if you are willing to do the work. You bring your skill and talent and we’ll help you with the rest. Conference–coming up soon:

I have been asked to present a workshop based on my book at The APSGO conference which is scheduled for November 7th in Newmarket. APSGO is the Association of Parenting Support Groups in Ontario Inc. They provide great services to parents who are challenged with parenting their children. They offer strategies, support, skill development and much more to those parents who desire a more fulfilling and less stressful family life with their children. Go to for more information regarding what they do and how they do it. Everyone is welcomed to attend–it should be a promising day for all.

Video pick for the week:

It seems to me that humanity could take a lesson from our 4 legged friend. How different would our lives be if we simply loved more and judged less. Amazing.

All the best, Jim


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