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Royal Family Visit:

I’d be the first person to acknowledge that I am NOT a Monarchist. I make no apology for that either. So when I see that Members of the Royal Family have decided to visit us and that we are picking up the tab I have to ask why? WHY are we doing that? The Royals have more money than dirt so why are we picking up the tab? Estimates are vague but somewhere in or around the 6-10 million dollar mark for the week have been mentioned which cover security, transportation etc. etc. Although the sum sounds insignificant in comparison to how much goes out the door of the federal coffers each day these dollars would still purchase warm clothes for some of the homeless or for those families sitting on the edge of being destitute and not being able to put decent food on the table. Many of these homeless are veterans with untreated mental health disorders. What a great way to show our appreciation to those who gave so much on our behalf. We give away millions to those who don’t really need it and very little to those who desperately need it.

Essentially, whenever I am invited to go to a close friends house for a vacation/visit I do not expect them to pay my way. It is enough that my hosts will feed me and provide me with sleeping arrangements and perhaps treat us to some form of entertainment. However, the rest of the expenses are up to me and I pay them willingly.

I suspect that William and Kate and the children are all very nice folks but this wee rant isn’t personal-I don’t know them. It is about the fact that we are supposed to be a country free from responsibility to any other country with a constitution of our own, freedoms to create whichever laws we see fit with our own military, the freedoms to decide foreign policy, financial policy and social policy. We are no longer required to go running ‘home’ to talk it over with Mum and get her approval.

According to Katie Engelhart, who wrote an article for Macleans magazine regarding the monetary support the Queen gets from Canada, she (the Queen) now receives more from us, per capita, than she does from the citizens of England. Canadians pay the Queen between 40 and 50 million dollars per year depending on who you talk to.  Over the past ten years our support to the monarchy has doubled and continues to rise–for what may I ask?

Mr. Tom Freda who is the National Director of Citizens For A Canadian Republic says this: “The problem, Freda says, is that Canada effectively has two heads of state: the Queen and the Governor General, as well as a band of provincial reps. And that overlap creates “redundant and obsolete positions” that end up costing Canadian taxpayers big bucks. The Queen’s agents need to learn a lesson in frugality during these tough times, he argues, especially since most of the work done by the lieutenant-governors is already handled by deputy premiers and other officials. Freda says it is “exorbitant,” for example, that the Ontario lieutenant-governor employs nine staff members, and “shocking” that the B.C. office shells out piles of cash each year to run a 102-room official residence for its lieutenant-governor. Then there is the “highly irrelevant” Governor General. “The Governor General offers literary awards and cuts ribbons and plants trees and travels to Nunavut and eats seal meat. But what else?”

Perhaps it’s time we cut the British Empire loose and became a free and sovereign nation as we truly deserve to be.

Anyways, that’s how I see it, All the best, Jim

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Truth Talkin’ Thursdays:

Jane and I have decided to call our Thursday get togethers ‘Truth Talkin’ Thursdays.’ It’s official. We are still finishing up with some technical issues but we are almost there now. I will post a U-Tube link next week for this week’s show for those who are interested and will try to post a link each week so that you can get it on Friday along with this newsletter. We hope you will check it out. We will try to make it current, relevant, perhaps controversial but helpful when considering the discussions we will have that are meant to be helpful to people who are experiencing their own life struggles.

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