There Is Some Good Out There Too . . .

For the last while the news has been mostly awful. It has been about the absolute worst in people and has left me with a profound sadness when I wonder if this is what we have been reduced to. Whether it is a wannabe politician or a young kid with a gun trying to ‘even the score’–what score is that anyway? Perhaps it’s someone who just doesn’t care how he/she treats older folks or younger folks or people making sure that if they can’t have a good life no one else will either. Groups of haters trying to undermine our way of life to please some philosophy that makes no sense to us.

There is enough hate to go around so I thought that I would focus on some of my favourite videos from ‘X’ factor and AGT to highlight some people who have had awful things happen to them for no other reason than ‘it just did’. These are people who overcame challenges the likes of which few of us can fathom and yet here they are–they won spiritual victories and proved that you’ll never win if you quit. The last video demonstrates the inherent good in people doing things that they could have walked away from but rather put themselves at some risk just because it was the right thing to do and for what ever their reasons were I felt better for watching these. Likely many of you have seen these before. Do yourself a favour and watch them again-perhaps for the first time.

Thanks for reminding me that it is just as easy to look and find the good in people as is too bitch and complain about what others are doing.

Anyways, that’s how I see it, Thanks for stopping by, Jim


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