Quite A Week That Some Wish Wasn’t . . .

And so it continues: Commentary:

It keeps happening and we keep vacillating. By ‘we’ I speak about the rest of the world who seem to be caught in the headlights of the vicious, cowardly and disgusting murderers known as ISIS. It sickens me to even write their call letters but I wouldn’t want to get them mixed up with their puppet masters who we call our business associates and in some cases our friends and allies. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan are some I mention. These countries we protect or buy off who use the resources that we give them so that they can turn around and murder us as we sleep. They are little more than undignified, felonious parasites who seem to think that they will win this struggle by slaughtering innocent children and families.

Even more disturbing to me, however, is the realization there are people out there who are so morally bankrupt they can celebrate the destruction other human beings with screws and nails in a bomb that is meant to tear flesh off of the bones and bodies of any one close enough. This is really some god they follow.

I am not a violent man but the time is coming dangerously close for the rest of the world to stand up and say enough is truly enough. If our leaders don’t have the ‘brass’ to make that move in conjunction with a ‘free’ world declaration of need then they should be replaced. There is no room for anyone on this planet who would treat others like this. I guess there may be times when we will need to match horror with horror to rid us of the cause of the horror. Have we not learned our lessons from Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Someone on Facebook had mentioned that the Muslims of the world need to be more outspoken than others against the murderers of those people who were just going to work or coming home to their families-those who were thinking about how they were going to spend Easter or getting together with friends. Damn right they need to speak out more loudly than others not because they are to blame for any of this but because they need to tell the world they are no more pleased or forgiving than any others about recent events and that they will do whatever they can to assist the free world when bringing these criminals to justice. They need to align themselves with us–they need to pick a side so that we continue to see that not all Muslims are the same-that there are Muslims who prize their freedom just as we do. Unfortunately the world has become a place where if you are not speaking out against these atrocities then you must be ‘OK’ with them. I don’t agree but the world is demanding this happen. People are seeking a gesture of clarity at a time when there is so much darkness, hate and suspicion.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–Jim


Parenting Tip: How to keep our kids in school: 

This seems to be an issue that school boards don’t want to talk about. The easy answer to the statement above is make school interesting enough and the information fun to learn and there will be no problem keeping your kids at school. Everyone knows this of course but the problem has always been how to do that. There are great differences of opinion concerning this. Some boards would tell you that they are already doing this. In truth they are only reaching about   70 % of the students in the classroom. The course of study is not set up to satisfy the learning needs of the bottom 15 % or the top 15% of the students.

Instead of having the teachers be the experts and dictate what and how things will be learned we need to encourage the kids and the parents be more involved in setting the agenda. The teachers then become mentors–a resource centre. That’s where the real teaching would take place. The system then becomes a children focused experience and when kids can have more of a say in how their days are spent they will become and stay much more interested. Get rid of standardized testing and allow kids to learn at their own speed. This will reduce the stress that many of our children are feeling. Not all kids learn, process and apply their new found knowledge at the same rate and they need to understand the information before they can move to the next level with confidence . Industry needs to play a larger role in what is taught. They will be the employers of our kids and they understand better than most what skills their future employees will need to be the innovators and creators they will require. It’s a new paradigm that is needed not more of the same 150 year old approach.

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We Are Not The Puppet Masters Anymore . . .

“We weep but never fear.” These are brave words. Onerous words. We would expect nothing other than this from France. They have been attacked on their own soil. In their own ‘back yard’. Their homes have been invaded. Their very way of life has been challenged as it was in the 40’s by a group not so different from this current threat to world peace.

There really isn’t much of a difference between Nazi Germany and all their atrocities and ISIS and all of theirs. The Nazis wanted to exterminate identified sectors of humanity. ISIS wants to rule the world thereby eradicating the planet of any and all those who not only oppose their tired and sociopathic belief systems but those who dare to even speak ill of what they stand for.  The Nazis gained prominence very quietly in the beginning. No one really considered them a threat. ISIS was all but seen as another radical fringe outfit who would not be able to sustain any strength let alone growth. The Nazis began by recruiting and uniting the disenfranchised, the unemployed and the disillusioned. ISIS has done the same. They are spreading their message to students, the disenchanted who fancy themselves enlightened and the disillusioned who have found another bell to ring. They appeal to those abused by the injustices and flagrancy demonstrated by the wealthy who can access two tier health care, differing legal standards for those who can afford them and tax breaks for those who really don’t need them. The entitlement capitalism produces is very evident as well. The ISIS recruitment officers then drive hopelessness and resentment into the souls of young men and women who live abroad. They use our own political, judicial and educational systems to divide us and separate us from our strengths and our base.

Our weak kneed governments fall all over themselves trying to please particular immigrant groups in exchange for their votes come election time by subtracting some of  our dearly fought for and won cultural values. I don’t buy the “it’s the right thing to do” crap either. The right thing to do is to open our doors and our hearts to those who demonstrate a desire to work within the same framework as the rest of us for the same collective goals and ideals. That would include those who want a better life for themselves and their families so that they, too, can thrive in a free society with the opportunity to be all they can be but NOT by giving up the keys to the city at the expense of those who want something different as well. The free world’s nations must concede that we are facing a formidable group of driven and fearless warriors who have no conscience and no fear of death–so they claim. Let us consider what had to happen in the 40’s when Hitler got so strong that he came so close to taking over the world? He made several tactical errors that cost him his glory AND the rest of the world basically set aside their differences long enough to unite and then to defeat him. He truly was the common enemy just as ISIS is today.    

Accordingly France has declared war on ISIS. But how does bombing villages move us closer to peace? Those on the ground being a friend or foe; young or old and innocent or guilty all get destroyed.  Such is war time I guess. ISIS has declared war on our freedom–our very way of life. There will be no diplomacy and there will be no negotiations to try to find a ‘peaceful solution’. ISIS has no appetite for negotiations or peace it seems. They have one single purpose in mind and they will not be placated in any way to deviate from that goal. Bombing them until our ‘gun’s melt’ is not going to do anything much except help them recruit more ‘soldiers’.  They cannot be threatened. They don’t care if we don’t like them.   

President Obama is right. Prime Minister Trudeau is right. Bombing them back to hell would not do much except satisfy our need for revenge and blood letting and soothe some misguided egos who still believe that we are the biggest and the toughest force in the world. How did we do in Vietnam and Afghanistan or Iraq for that matter. That was not because our brave men and women were not up to the task. Many gave their lives without question. It was not because of a lack of courage either. We used the best equipment money could produce. We still got our ‘asses’ kicked because our enemies were smarter than we were. The same thing is happening now. We are no longer the ones pulling the strings–we are not the puppet masters now. ISIS IS.   

If we want to live in a truly free world community we will have to resort to the same solution that was employed to terminate Hitler and his juggernaut. It is time for the world to unite as one, roll up its collective sleeves and get their hands dirty. The goal needs to be to isolate ISIS and terminate their effectiveness before it is too late to do so. Look how fast and how far they have come to get to where they are today. They will not stop until they are stopped. The options available to us as a free world community are very limited, unfortunately, and the clock is ticking.

We can’t keep using the same methods that were unsuccessful in previous conflicts unless we want to create the same outcomes.

Anyways, that’s how I see it, all the best–JIm

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