I Feel Gratitude And Awe For Those Who Fought For Us . . .

We will not forget–we can’t forget. . .


I thought that I would keep this short and sweet. I looked at this picture with the caption and I thought about how much gratitude and awe I felt just thinking about how these brave souls did what they did. If it we me I’m not sure I could do it.To know that the likelihood is I would not see another tomorrow is beyond anything that I can create in my head. Where does that courage come from? Where does that sense of sacrifice and dedication come from? How does someone continue to put one foot in front of the other marching along a lonely darkened path somewhere understanding that your next step could be your last? Climbing over a hill not knowing who or what is on the other side but knowing that you have to go anyway.

It is sometimes difficult for me to focus on the reality that our brave men and women had to realize every day. Some came home and some didn’t. These were/are, truly, human beings who did heroic things. I have not an inkling of what was going on for these people-for what they felt and thought. All I know is that they were over ‘there’ fighting for something they desperately believed in ‘over here’ and they left here knowing they could die over ‘there’. But they went anyway.

When I think about how Canada has treated those who gave their lives or returned to their homes and families it truly saddens me. They should have been then and they should be, now, treated with the respect and with the dignity, honor and admiration they truly deserve and yet many have perished on the very streets they fought to protect. Many have begged for help and support–for some quality of life that should come automatically for their service and for their sacrifice. They do not deserve lip service and a ‘we’ll see you next near’ response. Many are homeless or suffer from mental illness yet we, as a whole, find ways to deflect their words. We provide for many new Canadians at the expense of the Canadians who truly need to be seen much differently than they are. We should be ashamed.

When PM Trudeau campaigned for office he said he would recognize the sacrifices and right the wrongs done. I noticed that he has re-opened some veteran offices across the country. My hope is that this is just a signal of things to come and not a mollifying gesture to those who deserve much more. Let’s do the right thing-it’s not too late–God Bless those who gave and fought for us. Truly–where we would be today without them then?

Anyways, that’s how I see it. All the best, Jim

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