No One Needs To Take It From Us . . .We Give It Away For The Asking

From the Constitution Acts, 1982:  “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” 

The point is ‘what has happened to above statement?’ Many of our cultural identities and rights have been eroded and are disappearing but we hardly notice they are going or gone any more. We are getting use to living without them.  “Oh well”, we say, “what can we do”?  Wakey, wakey folks.

It seems that everywhere, and I do mean everywhere I go, I hear Donald Trump this and Donald Trump that. In public wash rooms , restaurants, grocery stores, doctors offices, church and airports–everywhere.  And it is not just those who like the guy. There are a growing number of groups of people who are fed up with his antics. I no longer see him as a ‘breath of fresh air’ or a guy who ‘has the brass to tell it like it is.’ He incites people and not in a good way. I now see him as dangerous and a threat to public safety and possibly our very way of life. Canada is not immune to the reach of this guy or the global ramifications of his ignorance. Just look at the last two weeks with fist fights and abusive language and threats. Here is the ‘mouth that roared’ standing in front of a crowd yelling to his followers-‘they should punch him in the face’ or ‘throw his ass out of here’ or demeaning people who have risked speaking out against someone or something they don’t agree with by saying things like ‘go home to mommy’. Is this is how world leaders talk and represent the supposed most powerful and influential country on the planet ?

He is not quite a shining example to many of our children who may be getting interested and involved in learning more about the political process for the first time. Then, when I didn’t think it could get much worse, who jumps up on the stage to run interference for poor Donald Trump–Sarah Palin. Here is a woman who has not had an original thought that mattered in years extolling the virtues of a guy who is now being compared to thugs, tyrants and dictators of the past.

But most troubling to me is the erosion of our so-called civil and human rights. I’m very concerned about my children and certainly my grandchildren. What quality of life will they experience? What freedoms will they enjoy? It seems that protest is not allowed and neither is disagreement without getting punched in the face for your troubles. The rhetoric and his behaviour is very similar to another tyrant who ran through Europe with impunity for quite awhile. How long before it becomes the norm? Once the norm becomes reality it’s like paying taxes-it will always be the norm. George Bush Jr. started this trend when he declared (911) that ‘if you are not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem.’ Not much room for discussion or debate there.

This movement to limit or reduce our national freedoms is being done, at least in Canada, under the guise of ‘multiculturalism’. I like the concept of multiculturalism and what it originally meant or suggested was possible. What I don’t care for is how it is being paraded around in front of us and held up as a model for the world when it is actually being used as a way of diminishing our basic Canadian Rights and Freedoms. I’ve included this clip from Alberta. It really demonstrates what I am speaking about-it’s worth the look–

“Remove one freedom per generation and soon you will have no freedom and no one would have noticed when it all went missing.”–Unknown

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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The Week Passed By . . .

A Good Business Man But A Poor Example Of A World Leader:

After seeing Mr. Trump on the news-yet again- I have decided that I have had enough of Donald Trump. I will admit that in the beginning he was interesting. He came along and did things that were totally out side the box. He said things as they were and he isn’t owned by anyone so he is free to be his own leader without special interests in his ear. That appealed to me but as this thing has gone on he has become more of a threat than he has a leader. Now he has become a man who doesn’t understand when to let go–he has become a vindictive guy and that characteristic isn’t one that  is very constructive when negotiating with other world leaders. Sometimes you have to back off a bit to get ahead. Anyway I will not take any further interest in what he says or does.  DONE.


I continue to read this book and I continued to be amazed by it. It is full of optimism about sharing the ‘abundance’ of natural wealth on the planet and how we can use it to our distinct advantage. The book is called: ABUNDANCE  and it is a must read if you have any interest in where our children and our grand children might be heading and how we can make the planet a safer and more enduring place to live–read it–it’s worth your time

Program Design and New Material

I’m just beginning to develop some new program material for my site and I hope to have the first part of it available for public use next week. If you are a single mom or a single dad I will have some excellent interviews for you to listen to that could be just what you need to hear to help with that relationship with your child that creates stress and anxiety in your life.


Parenting Tip For The Week:

As a parent, whether that be a single mom or single dad, there are two concepts that need to be a part of any childs’ upbringing and both parents, regardless of their position either in or out of the family relationship, need to take responsibility for teaching their kids about these life lessons. They are about tolerance and acceptance.  For some these are interchangeable but I don’t quite agree. For me tolerance is about allowing for the fact that others may see things differently than I do and that I need to be OK with that as long as they don’t challenge other’s rights to their  freedom. They have a right to their opinions ,for instance, and they don’t have to see the world as I do. It is OK for both of us to see the same thing differently without having to declare a winner. If I believe that I am correct or that how I am seeing things is right for me then that is really the only thing that matters. By forcing or making someone else see things as I do is bullying and dangerous. That is often the basis for armed rebellion or world conflict.

Acceptance is about receiving something or someone at face value–not feeling the need to change something to suit my need(s). Being ‘accepted’ into a group or  being appreciative of something or someone just as they are including how someone looks, dresses, talks, thinks–as long as what they do and how they do it does not infringe upon someone elses’ right to do the same.

These are so very important and our children need to have these principles taught to them as early as possible so that they become a natural part of their behaviour as human beings and citizens into the world.

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I thought that perhaps we could take a minute or two out of our busy schedules to go parahawking–enjoy–JIm

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