Quite A Week That Some Wish Wasn’t . . .

And so it continues: Commentary:

It keeps happening and we keep vacillating. By ‘we’ I speak about the rest of the world who seem to be caught in the headlights of the vicious, cowardly and disgusting murderers known as ISIS. It sickens me to even write their call letters but I wouldn’t want to get them mixed up with their puppet masters who we call our business associates and in some cases our friends and allies. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan are some I mention. These countries we protect or buy off who use the resources that we give them so that they can turn around and murder us as we sleep. They are little more than undignified, felonious parasites who seem to think that they will win this struggle by slaughtering innocent children and families.

Even more disturbing to me, however, is the realization there are people out there who are so morally bankrupt they can celebrate the destruction other human beings with screws and nails in a bomb that is meant to tear flesh off of the bones and bodies of any one close enough. This is really some god they follow.

I am not a violent man but the time is coming dangerously close for the rest of the world to stand up and say enough is truly enough. If our leaders don’t have the ‘brass’ to make that move in conjunction with a ‘free’ world declaration of need then they should be replaced. There is no room for anyone on this planet who would treat others like this. I guess there may be times when we will need to match horror with horror to rid us of the cause of the horror. Have we not learned our lessons from Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Someone on Facebook had mentioned that the Muslims of the world need to be more outspoken than others against the murderers of those people who were just going to work or coming home to their families-those who were thinking about how they were going to spend Easter or getting together with friends. Damn right they need to speak out more loudly than others not because they are to blame for any of this but because they need to tell the world they are no more pleased or forgiving than any others about recent events and that they will do whatever they can to assist the free world when bringing these criminals to justice. They need to align themselves with us–they need to pick a side so that we continue to see that not all Muslims are the same-that there are Muslims who prize their freedom just as we do. Unfortunately the world has become a place where if you are not speaking out against these atrocities then you must be ‘OK’ with them. I don’t agree but the world is demanding this happen. People are seeking a gesture of clarity at a time when there is so much darkness, hate and suspicion.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–Jim


Parenting Tip: How to keep our kids in school: 

This seems to be an issue that school boards don’t want to talk about. The easy answer to the statement above is make school interesting enough and the information fun to learn and there will be no problem keeping your kids at school. Everyone knows this of course but the problem has always been how to do that. There are great differences of opinion concerning this. Some boards would tell you that they are already doing this. In truth they are only reaching about   70 % of the students in the classroom. The course of study is not set up to satisfy the learning needs of the bottom 15 % or the top 15% of the students.

Instead of having the teachers be the experts and dictate what and how things will be learned we need to encourage the kids and the parents be more involved in setting the agenda. The teachers then become mentors–a resource centre. That’s where the real teaching would take place. The system then becomes a children focused experience and when kids can have more of a say in how their days are spent they will become and stay much more interested. Get rid of standardized testing and allow kids to learn at their own speed. This will reduce the stress that many of our children are feeling. Not all kids learn, process and apply their new found knowledge at the same rate and they need to understand the information before they can move to the next level with confidence . Industry needs to play a larger role in what is taught. They will be the employers of our kids and they understand better than most what skills their future employees will need to be the innovators and creators they will require. It’s a new paradigm that is needed not more of the same 150 year old approach.

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When Did The Feminists Start Running The NFL?

Lightning In The Desert

Picture Credit: Metro.co.uk (Picture Editor: Pejman Faratin)

Well it seems that lightning has struck again. I am referring to the Ray Rice scandal that started out as a domestic assault case and has developed into the next inquisition. When I look at ALL the things that went on here it seems to me what Ray Rice did was but a part of a larger fiasco that all parties need to be ashamed of. Please don’t read me wrong here. I DO NOT CONDONE WHAT RAY RICE DID IN ANY WAY-UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES-EXCEPT SELF PRESERVATION. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HAS BEEN, IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE UNACCEPTABLE. But if we are going to be fair about this and learn something from it we need to consider all the things that went on here:

1. Roger Goodell is as complicit in this train wreck as anyone else. Perhaps more so because the ‘buck’ is supposed to stop at his desk and it did not. It just blew right through the station and honked on the way by. He didn’t even get a chance to wave at it. He reacted in every terrible way possible. If anyone should lose his job here it is he. He misrepresented himself, his office and the situation to appease owners and to protect the already tarnished reputation of the NFL. He turned a lapse of judgement and self control by a player into a center stage circus.

2. Ray Rice and his wife are really the only two who know exactly what happened. However, he not only displayed a lack of class and integrity but he punched is girl friend hard enough to render her unconscious. He didn’t have any concerns for her safety or health and could have seriously harmed her permanently. You just can’t go around punching people when ever you feel justified. That goes whether they are male or female. It is not right and the sanctions need to be adequate enough to send the message that it will not be tolerated. What is not clear is if they had been drinking-how much-for how long-and would they have done and said the things they did if they were stone cold sober. This is not to excuse his behaviour or hers. No-I am not trying to put the victim on trial here. The facts remain as they are and they need to be seen and treated as such if we are to move toward any kind of equality among us. If both jump in a pool of water is one more wet than the other when they come out?

3. Has anyone thought about charging Janay Palmer for assault? Apparently she spit in his face–twice. That, supposedly, does constitute assault. Am I to accept that her behaviour was OK but his was not? Again his treatment of her was most disturbing and the sanction for his behaviour needs to reflect that. But if we are to move together toward equality then the same rules need apply to all of us and need to be equally applied. Perhaps Janay Palmer needs to pay more attention to her own behaviour and act with a bit more class and integrity.

4. If there are those who need to be hit hard it’s the owners who tried to have this buried. They placed the well being of their business above the laws of the land. They were playing CYA above all else. What sanctions are appropriate for them? Will there be any at all? At the very least they need to be suspended from all team activities for the reminder of the season. It is only because they were caught that they are all clamoring to ‘do the right thing now’. This is/was no act of conscience.

The last two points are more about what stands in the way of resolving this issue fairly and without bias.

5. Last but certainly not least: The feminists need to disappear. They add nothing to the process except acrimony. They need to acknowledge that their efforts were, at one time, noteworthy but now it’s time to stand aside and let the culture grow its egalitarian roots. My hope is that they would take political correctness with them. PC is killing us. It has outgrown its usefulness. It thwarts free speech and open discussion of ideas and counter ideas. Healthy debate is becoming more difficult. It penalizes those pioneers who risk standing up and being heard. If we look around at what is happening in our homes, schools, play grounds, arenas, stadiums and legal institutions we become aware of the rights and freedoms lost as a result of not feeling safe enough to say “I don’t like that and I won’t support it”. When we can’t risk being different or not agreeing without being called a terrorist, a malcontent or anti-something then we have become victims of political correctness.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer said:”Not to speak is to speak; not to act is to act”. Quite true.

In the spirit of risk-taking I don’t think that Ray Rice should have been stripped of the opportunity to earn his living because he was not able to control himself. He lives in a culture of violence where each week he is expected to physically dominate other people, to do it well and if he doesn’t he’ll be replaced until he can. I think Ray Rice should miss the remainder of the season–no pay. While sitting out he completes a residential program that is actually designed to teach clients to control their anger and moderate their behaviour to the satisfaction of professionals who are qualified to say he’s ready to return to society.

I concern myself more with what our children are learning by listening and watching how the ‘adults’ handle this mess. The message being sent is:”It’s OK to lie and cheat as long as you have enough money and power to pull it off. Just don’t get caught”.

Anyways that’s how I see it, Jim


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