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” Breaking the sound barrier”

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Part of what I enjoy doing now that I’m retired is engaging people, any people, in conversation. About anything and everything. It doesn’t matter the topic-I just like to debate or discuss things. So this week I thought that I would mention a couple of topics that seemed to be on people’s minds.

  1. A man who was a supervisor at work was complaining about some of his employees and how difficult it was to get a good days work out of them. It seemed that the harder he pushed the less they did. The solution seemed obvious but he was unable to see it. All he was concerned about was the visit his supervisor made to him saying “if you can’t get them to be more productive then we will have to find someone who can.” This response ratcheted up his anxiety levels to the point that he was fearful of having a break down of some kind. Young man-young family-big bills to pay. I suggested that it might be time for him to try another approach with his employees since threats and pressure were not working out so well for him. Then I pointed out to him that what HIS boss said to him near crippled him-isn’t it possible that his pressure tactics were doing the same with those that he was directly responsible for. So I suggested he allow for some ‘quiet ‘time for his crew each day. This would be time during the day for each employee to just go somewhere quiet, when it is appropriate to leave and relax for 10-15 minutes. Perhaps listen to some good music or read a book or the sports page. Perhaps enjoy nothing but quiet. He was a bit sceptical so I suggested he do a bit of research on management styles and see what Google is doing to manage their employees and how other companies deal with reducing the risk of ‘burnout’ in their places of work. Often times the most basic or simplest solutions for managing stress or anxiety are the best. I look forward to talking with this fellow next week to see what, if anything, has changed.
  2. I overheard a couple of kids talking about how dissatisfied they were with school and how they hated going. What a waste of time one said and the other commented that he didn’t understand why they had to take the stuff that was being ‘thrown’ at them. The other one wants to quit and get a job making a lot of money and getting on with his life. Naturally I couldn’t help myself so I said “so what is so horrible with school that you would quit–and then do what? So if you could change school what would you do?” They both responded saying they would learn stuff that made sense and was fun to learn. Turns out they were just bored because they couldn’t see using half the stuff they were being taught and felt as though what they wanted didn’t matter. Classic. I suggested they go share those thoughts with someone and then I got to thinking-good idea but who would that be? Parents are likely think they are just whining and teachers don’t want to hear about it because half of them are bored and feel uninspired as educators. They feel the same way as the kids do. School boards, instead of protecting their’turf’, need to step up, pay attention to what their learners are saying and actually do what they are supposed to do and that is provide these students with a challenging and relevant education that creates an environment of innovation, creativity and possibility. Currently that doesn’t happen near as often as it needs to. Is it any wonder that kids are struggling at school and faltering in their lives regarding some of the decisions they are making.

A Forward Thinking Program:  Educating and Preparing Our Kids For The 21st Century:

Well it is finally done. The main body of work is completed with just the formatting to be done. I thought the best way to introduce this new program would be to publish the goal and mission statements first so that readers, parents and caregivers would have a better idea of what we will be describing over the next while.

Please ask yourself or anyone you think is interested ‘If you had a chance to provide the best opportunity for your kids to thrive and enjoy their learning experiences would you be interested in making that happen?’ This is where that opportunity for you and them could begin.

Mission Statement:

“A Forward Thinking Program: A New Look at Educating and Preparing Our Children For the 21st Century” strives to create a superior educational environment where participation in self-directed learning opportunities will prepare learners to compete for challenging, creative, and fulfilling career opportunities at the highest level.”

Goal Statement:

“To offer a new paradigm regarding a free, non-discriminatory, local, national and global learner centered education program that merges enthusiasm, participation and excitement with each learners’ unique learning differences, a capacity for high performance and an innate desire to maximize self”.

Music Video Of The Week:

It’s not really a secret that I really enjoy the music out of the 80’s. I cam across this ‘golden oldie’ earlier this week. It’s by a good Canadian Band from the west coast. Interesting that they were popular in the U.S. but couldn’t get the play time in Canada that they deserved.

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