The 4 Most Important Global Concerns We Don’t Want To Acknowlege

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All in all we are truly blessed to be able to live in a country like Canada. There are all kinds of issues that we complain about and it’s easy for us to go after ‘the government’ but at least the government doesn’t come after us for what we say, think or do. That supposes we observe the law and maintain civil discourse.

For a guy like me that’s a good thing because I don’t have much trouble spouting off about how I feel or what I think regarding certain things. With that in mind I have made my end of the year list of things that concern me with the hope of generating some conversation among others who might have similar concerns.


1. A I–Artificial Intelligence

I am amazed at how fast technology has developed. The gap between where we were mechanically and scientifically and where we dared to dream we would be in 10 or 15 years is closing so fast that it is difficult to keep up with the development of A I technology. Star Wars is just around the corner. Some scientists would say we have come further in the last three years than we had in the previous 50.

Question: Is progress really progress? Consider how A I has changed the face of warfare. It seems the military is the group that takes a great idea and turns it into something that can kill others in larger numbers more quickly with less danger to our side. Drones will be common place very soon. But then there have been some great advances in medicine so where do we draw the line between benefit and possible harm? If A I continues on this fast track they will begin to eat up jobs because they can work 24 hours per day-7 days a week. If they are performing all the tasks who will be working? If no one is working how can the economy function? How will we come by our goods and services? Do we need to slow down the pace of development and if so how would we go about doing that? We really need to think this one through.

2. Climate Change

Some believe it’s real and others don’t. Truth is few of us seem to know for sure. There are some pretty strong indicators that suggest it is happening. There are some who say it’s just about the cycles that we go through periodically. Right now, for me, the arguments seem pretty convincing that “something” is happening that isn’t good for us. We have a great deal more to be concerned about if the science is right then if we think it is and it turns out to be wrong about climate change. I’d rather err on the side of caution about this one.

3. The N.R.A.–There is simply too much money involved here for truly impartial dialogue to take place. This is about MONEY. considering the legalities there have been 33 proposed amendments made concerning the Constitution and 27 granted since it’s signing. Amendments can be made without losing the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. There needs to be a political will and that isn’t forthcoming. It is very unlikely that the thinking of the 1700’s is as relevant today as it was then especially given the warring times and unsettling political landscape of that day. Circumstances have changed and so has the need to bear arms. It is no longer necessary for citizens to concern themselves with armed insurrection. Hand guns only serve one purpose and that is to hunt or kill other humans. You sure wouldn’t go hunting bear with a hand gun-would you?

4. Money and It’s Power–Karl Marx had said he saw religion as ‘the opium of the people’. From my perch that has changed and money has now taken it’s place. We have become slaves to money. We will do almost anything to acquire it, to keep it and to use it in almost anyway possible to acquire more of it. We can ‘buy’ people’s will with it. It will turn people against one another and you can purchase a ‘man’s soul’ if you offer enough of it. Sounds just like a drug to me and folks are addicted to it–just like a drug..

Anyways, that’s how I see it. Comments are welcome-send me your thoughts one way or another. You can reach me at:  OR

All the best, Merry Christmas to all–Jim

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