The End Of An Era Of Decency and Class . . .

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It’s difficult not to write about the end of an era in world politics where, south of the border, decency and class were constantly on display. Barrack Obama will step aside tomorrow as President of the United States. It was an era the likes of which we are not likely to see again for at least 4 years.

Instead I would like to look at some of the things that are good about who we are today. I came across three examples of the good in people-the generosity and the UNselfishness that is still evident around us. These could well be the last of such stories for a while so they are extra special.

1. A couple of weeks ago I came across an article that was talking about an eatery in Montreal called “Marche Ferdous.” There was nothing particular mentioned until I read about this place was giving away FREE  food. Complete meals actually. These meals were for folks who could not pay for the food they enjoyed. All someone had to do was say they could not pay for the meal and it was given with no strings attached. I’m not sure about anyone out there who is reading this but I have not heard of this happening at least outside of a soup kitchen or a shelter of some kind. I applaud the generosity of those places as well but this is a functioning ‘for profit’ establishment who just gave away food to those who would appreciate it and who were in a position where they could not pay for it. Oh yes, the other interesting point was that the restaurant is owned and operated by a Muslim family in the area who were guilty of sharing their good fortune with some who were a great deal less fortunate. Bravo!

2. Unless folks have been living under a rock for that last 20+ years most would know about Jon Bon Jovi–simply known today as Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is a great rock band with an irrefutable reputation for excellence. JBJ owns a place in New York called “The Soul Kitchen”. Check it out on the web. It’s an eatery that prides itself for a great menu and the healthy food that it serves. The arrangement is simple. Those who cannot afford a meal eat FREE  in exchange for one hour of volunteer work either in the ‘Kitchen’ itself or in the community somewhere. That could mean helping out at a soup kitchen, providing some time at a home for the elderly or cleaning up some park. The only expectation is that the one hour that is volunteered adds to the quality of other people’s lives.

3. Locally, in Hamilton, a man had gone to a fast food place to get a bite and, in the process, had lost his wallet with $950.00 dollars cash in it. He had the cash because he was moving (not sure if he had to move or was choosing to move) his family and needed the money for payment for his new place. Without this money he and his family would be homeless that night. He told a friend about his troubles and the friend suggested that he pray that someone will be honest enough to return his money. He put his story out on Facebook and that afternoon he received a message asking him to return to the fast food place at a specific time. He did as he was asked and was rewarded by a man who returned all 950.00$ cash. The honest citizen returned it because he said it would have been wrong to have kept it. All the man could say was that his faith in humanity had been restored.

So good does exist if we make room in our hearts for it to appear. That means pushing hate, resentments and fear to the side.

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Two things: the clip is a bit dark because of a town wide electrical problem and the other thing was that I was munching down on a bowl of nuts that I just could not leave alone. Sorry about that. Jane and I discussed ‘game changers’ and what they are in relation to relationships that folks are involved in. These are the things that happen along the way that would influence one of the partners to consider ending or at least changing the goals of the relationship.

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Anyways, that’s how I see things today. All the best, Jim

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  1. Isn’t it heartwarming to focus on the good things in the world for a change! There are many examples of true goodness but so few get any recognition because of all the sensationalist “news” that permeates everything. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “good news” segment as part of the daily reporting….it would balance things out much better and might even encourage people to tune in and see what’s happening; for example, people like me who get so distressed at all the horror in the news right now. Just a thought…


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