The Eye Opener That Was This Week . . .

Commentary: This Weeks Head Scratchers ??

As a Canadian, I have always wanted to believe that we had a mind of our own and that the general will of all the people who make up this great country was what counted. We were the ones who would not be easily moved by the heart felt impassioned pleas of a few over the will of the many. I’m truly sorry for Mr. Belanger’s medical condition and I can’t begin to imagine what he goes through each day just to keep drawing a breath. He is a true fighter.

–The fact is we, meaning our government, has decided to honor Mr. Belanger’s request to alter the lyrics of our national anthem. This effort to have the words changed has been in the works for a long time but has been put on a fast track because of the deteriorating condition of his health. I get that. BUT. This is our national anthem. It has stood, as is, for quite awhile now and we have become known and respected around the world for what it stands for. It belongs to all of us and all of us needed to be involved with the decision. I have said it before. Our preoccupation with gender specific titles and references is and will kill us. This does provide great optics for those hoping for re-election in 4 years and it quiets the calls for political correctness for a bit. Until we come to the conclusion that we are ALL human beings first and men and women second we will continue to have these conversations that only polarize us instead of bring us closer together as humans and citizens of the world. Besides that, can you imagine if the government moved this fast on all the legislative tasks set before it??

–Speaking of moving quickly I was completely shocked and dismayed to learn that the Supreme Court was unable to strike down the beastiality laws in this country because it doesn’t create law but rather explains it, supports it and upholds it no matter what. How can we allow people to force their kids to have sex with animals and not feel the full weight of moral and common decency on their puny little heads. Apparently there is no current law that prohibits such behaviour on our legal books IF penetration has not or does not take place. Well there is a saving grace for ya!

I don’t want the government telling me that they take care of and want to protect our children and let a law like this stand. We have absolutely no right to be critical of any other country’s seeming short comings while we slide to the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. That’s just ugly!!

–So many decent people slaughtered for no other reason than they were gay folks and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the American and Canadian gun lovers still don’t get it. We get platitudes from them but no actual answer for why automatic rifles should have a place in our society especially when there is no practical, logical or defensible reason why they exist for public use. They are not used for hunting and killing anything but human beings. That’s it. By not doing anything to limit their availability to whack jobs like this gutless piece of camel dung we are saying that it is OK to kill each other using this type of armament. Gee-I feel better knowing that–how about you?

–Is anyone else out there tired of and I mean REALLY tired of hearing the name ISIS–sick of the tolerance other countries show them. Somebody do something-Please. They serve no useful purpose except to pollute the world the rest of us are trying to protect.

–Finally why are we not clearing out the white collar criminals from our prison systems to make room for those very disturbed parents who would introduce their children to sex with animals. They need to be incarcerated if only to separate them out from the rest of society and perhaps to understand what ‘beastiality’ is really all about inside a secure facility with lots of new ‘friends’ to help them along.

Parenting Tips For The Week:

Praise vs. Encouragement

Many parents mistake one for the other and with the best of intentions send the wrong message to their kids.

PRAISE  is often given when our children compete and are successful at attaining a high level of competency. Praise also creates a feeling in a child that he/she can boost their sense of self worth by making others happy or proud of their achievements. Usually their parents or close relatives. I understand that their parents are thinking about joining with the kids but in essence what they are doing is setting up a reward system that doesn’t recognize  the efforts the kids put into being competitive in the first place. They compete in order to please their parents.

ENCOURAGEMENT is about recognizing the kids effort to be successful no matter what level that may be competing at. The goal of encouraging our children is to help them feel good about themselves by competing at their highest level according to the work THEY put into the challenge. We, as parents or supporters, can help with this by saying something like, “You made a great catch out there. It looks as though all that hard work and practice has really paid off for you” or “That’s a great mark you got in that test. All that determination to up your mark seems like it really paid off for you. Great stuff”. When we recognize the hard work and great efforts that our children put out to achieve greater results we are saying we support the idea that with harder work and practice you are more likely to achieve more of your goals. They compete in order for those around him/her to recognize their hard work and effort. They do it for their own satisfaction and not to please others.

Blog Talk Radio Interview With Annette Rochelle Aben:

I was invited to do a 1/2 hour radio interview with a great host on Friday last week. She is a wonderful author with 8 books to her credit and has put together this blog talk radio show dedicated to bringing something of value to the world that can help to change people’s lives. It was a privilege for me to be on her show.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Anyways that’s how I see things today, Jim

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  1. The issue of bestiality is beyond revolting. There are absolutely no words to describe the horrendousness of this topic. Those children will be affected for life, which doesn’t seem to fit into the equation. Why can’t this be fixed immediately? How much discussion would it take to remedy? It’s completely a no brainer.


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