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How Could Any Parent Do it? (Commentary)

I read a post this afternoon about a man in a far away land-Pakistan to be exact-who had put a bullet in his daughters’ head just because she dared to go against his wishes and married the man she loved. I was sickened by this and I am so tired about hearing these horror stories. The guy must have been a poor shot because his daughter survived his barbaric attempt at completing an ‘honor ‘ killing even though he shot her, stuffed her body in a bag and then tossed her in a river–just like you would a sack of garbage. How wonderful it is to know that we share the planet with such a poor excuse for a human being. They call these ‘honor’ killings and yet there is absolutely nothing honorable about any of it. Apparently every 90 minutes there is an ‘honor’ killing that has taken the life of another woman in that God forsaken part of the world. The man was allowed to walk away because someone in his family forgave him his transgression. That’s the law there.

My question is how could any man, and I use the term ‘man’ loosely, kill, or attempt to kill, his own flesh and blood like that. I must admit that I am becoming one of those folks who are questioning what we are doing inviting people who agree with this atrocity to live among us. I am growing weary hearing how we are supposed to welcome all to our shores because that is the right thing to do. I am a bit leary of having their ‘culture’ rammed down my throat and that of my children. I brought my kids up to value human life not discard it like a sack of garbage. ¬†Who would treat his own child like that? Do those who support this act actually deserve to be among those who value freedom over tyranny? I’m beginning to favour the idea that if that is your belief then keep it at home–anywhere but here.

My Parenting Tip Of The Week

I used to wonder about the benefits of kids playing alone. However, I have come to understand how important it is for them to learn how to entertain themselves. They are being encouraged to expand their world. They will begin to develop their own unique sense of identity, creativity and will learn about innovation. It also allows the child to become more independent–how to ‘self soothe.’ Depending on their age their stuffed animals become their companions on all types of journeys. Their imaginations thrive. It is wonderful play.

A parent’s role:

1. Don’t get in the way and if you want to observe do it from a distance. Often a childs’ play time is a very private experience-not one that they always want to share.

2. Always make sure that there are enough supplies around to satisfy a childs’ need for variety. Things like popsicle sticks, crayons, markers (washable preferably), blank sheets of paper and water soluble glue. Give him/her a hand to get set up if they need that and then just go away and give them a bit of space.

3. If your child wants you to be involved in the play then let him/her be the lead hand and you become a ‘passer-by’–it’s their time let them explore it.

4. When they present you with a finished product from their day of play, don’t go overboard with praise but rather acknowledge their hard work in creating their piece of work. Something like: “I like the colours you used-it looks like you worked really hard to make this happen.” Let them show you their ‘new house’. If it can be put on the fridge or some other place of high traffic put it up so that it can be seen over and over. Encouragement over praise is important here.

My Video For The Week–‘How Do They Know?’

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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  1. I, too, am torn about this matter. I can’t express it any better than you did, but the first case in point I thought of was the man in Kingston who drowned his daughters and their mother in an “honour” killing. I was reading a book about a family of five girls in Afghanistan (part of a book club) and had to stop reading it because it was so disturbing. Multiculturalism is a wonderful thing – having friends from all over the world, their customs, food, etc. I’m sure we all have friends from many places that have enriched our lives. I have great difficulty expressing how I really feel about this issue and have no one to talk to about it that I’m comfortable with, and I’m grateful you raised it this week.


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