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If, Why, How and When


I managed to get myself into a conversation the other day with a person who had admitted to having some concerns over the amount of alcohol he consumed and was deciding whether or not to go to a treatment program that could teach him how to drink with moderation. This happens to be my field of expertise so I was immediately interested in hearing more.

After listening to the rest of the story I was comfortable enough to ask, “Why?” He looked at me and said, “Why what?” I responded by asking him, “Why would you be looking at that as an option? If you have gotten to the point where you are questioning whether or not to alter your drinking pattern don’t you think that you are passed the time when trying to figure out how to have your cake and eat it to? Among my favourite questions to ask are, ‘How does the quality of a dinner or a celebration of some kind improve with the use of alcohol? How much do you think about consuming alcohol and how much time do you spend getting it, using it and then justifying your use? What is it that you have to lose before you decide now is the time?’ I guess I hit a sore spot because the conversation began to go ‘south’ at this point so I backed away.

However, I was left with a similar question-that being ‘Why’. Why does someone determine that being able to have a drink or two is so important  that he is willing to risk losing all that matters. I fully understand that the decision to quit using a recreational drug of any kind is a difficult one for many reasons. I also understand that until he gets to the point where the decision to become free of the drug is made for personal reasons that the decision is impossible to make and remain successful. This is something that folks can’t do for someone else. It has to be an internal and personal decision.  The question persists: “Why? Why is it so important to have one or two instead of  embracing abstinence?” (If anyone out there wants to chat about this in private please contact me at

Some If, Why, When and How’s To Ponder:

If leaders had to send their kids into combat or hot zones as part of the first ‘wave’ would they be as anxious to send other peoples’ kids to war so quickly?

Why do we, as a nation, continue to support foreign governments who really don’t like us. Some would like to kill us and have stated so publicly. Here we are thinking about doing a 15 billion dollar deal with the Saudis who allowed the terrorists to train on their soil for 911 and who back ISIS’ ideology. Iraq, Iran and Pakistan are other examples of those only to happy to take our money for ??? in return. How is it that many of the countries that we give hundreds of millions of dollars to are Middle Eastern countries?–just askin’

How can politicians continue to promise one thing to get elected and disregard those promises once they become elected but are not held accountable for what really are distortions of the truth? Folks used to call those ‘lies’ not too long ago.

How can we  legalize cannabis and yet ban mentholated cigarettes because kids like them too much? Our Minister of Health actually said this. When cannabis is legalized don’t they think that the kids will be just as likely to ‘enjoy’ that as well? If motivating our youth to go to school and to work for a living seems to be an issue today wait until they are able to get stoned legally anytime they like. Hey–good luck with that one. This is will be the biggest legalized ‘tax grab’ ever perpetrated on the Canadian people. Who dreams up this stuff anyway?

If we continue to encourage maximizing debt ratios who is going to pick up what’s left of the economy besides the wealthiest of us who stand to make absolute fortunes? We are currently at or near record amounts of money owed.

If we continue to allow the powerful, influential and wealthy to rob and abuse the laws of the land (see Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin for instance) incessantly what message are we sending our children about fair play, common standards and equality in the eyes of the law.

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Anyways, that’s the way I see it–all the best, Jim

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