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Look closely at this picture. Look at the look of concern on both their faces. I can understand the dogs’ concern but the look of concern, concentration and dedication on the little girl’s face is priceless to me. That is the look of satisfying a purpose. She was making sure that the dog was OK. She has learned the value and the importance of caring for another living creature. That’s what I saw. I understand we often see what we want to see but capturing this moment was the thing for her and so it was for me.

Even little people get the ‘What’s my purpose?” question so why is it so hard for big people to get it? Are we really smarter than little people or are we just egocentric. Perhaps the question and it’s meaning is not as complicated as we want it to be. After all, if we figure out what our purpose is would we not, then, feel some guilt or obligation to go and live it? Perhaps many of us are not prepared to give up what ever we think we have going on now for some  . . . what? For many folks the idea of having or believing they now understand their purpose–why they are here is not a very important part of finding out who and what they are.

Many people ask “why should I care if I find out why I am here–what’s the big deal?” The big deal is this: if you ever want to experience Peace and Contentment in your life; If you ever want to feel happiness in your life; and if you REALLY want to feel as though you matter to the world you live in seek your reason for being here and then begin to live it. You will be glad you did.

Someone asked me the other day what I thought my purpose for being here was and I immediately said that it was to make a difference in peoples lives. That’s it. No more complicated than that. Since I accepted that as my purpose I more often than not find joy and wonder in the world around me. I don’t take life for granted anymore. It now has meaning.

Anyways, that’s how I see things.

All the best and good hunting, Jim

Photographer responsible for this picture is unknown to me. I used this resource for the purpose of education, criticism or research. I derived no financial benefit from the use of this resource.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday:

Jane and I discussed the thought provoking topic of “why are we here–what is our purpose here.” It should come as no surprise that I have some strong opinions and thoughts about this topic and so does Jane–not always the same. It was a good conversation that many have found interesting. What do you think about this or are you thinking anything about this. Find out why it’s important for you to seek an answer.

Go to You-tube and type in Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 31 for the rest of the conversation.

Forward Thinking Program:

I am more convinced than ever that a new paradigm concerning how we educate our kids needs to be created and that the program that Dr. Page and I have worked on for the last two years is the way to go. I am just finishing up the 3rd draft which involves providing proof/references to support our claims of why this needs to happen and how it needs to happen.

I will start to lay out part of the summary with my next news letter which will highlight some of the main features of the FTP and how it differs from what our kids experience today. Education needs a new life if we are to compete and more importantly if our children are going to be able to compete for careers that will be relevant and meaningful when their time comes. The growing evidence suggests we are becoming less prepared to satisfy the needs of future employers.

Below is our goal statement for the program we have created:

Goal Statement:

“To offer a new paradigm regarding a free, non-discriminatory national and global learner centered education program that merges enthusiasm, participation and excitement with each learners’ unique learning differences, a capacity for high performance and an innate desire to maximize self”.  


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