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We need a great deal more of this  and a great deal less of that-what is he thinking?

Which World Do You Prefer: This is what the 2nd Amendment will do for Americans.

Take a good look at these two pictures and then ask yourself-which world do you prefer? Is this how you want life to go for our children. I recognize the need for law and order but aren’t we smarter than this? It’s like slipping back to the 1870’s where the ‘Colt’ ruled. In DJT’s world what you see is where we are going. BUT–it seems that the good ship Trump is taking on water. Now I’m not a big fan of either one of these two candidates-I’m thinking that the best candidate was left standing by the side of the road with his shirt hanging out.  I guess we can only hope that the ship sinks without any casualties. HRC is no shining star either. She’s just had more practice as being deceptive and really has no more credibility than he does–she’s just better at telling you what you want to hear. Many believe that big money owns her now as it always has.

Let The Show Begin:

I’m very excited to announce that a colleague of mine, for whom I have great respect, and I have decided that we would like to put together a blog radio show with our own channel set up and offer a talk show/phone in type deal, likely a half hour in length, that would embrace an open forum for folks to talk about anything that comes to mind as long as it is appropriate. There would be some weeks that Jane and I would offer a give and take conversation on a pre-selected topic of our choosing just because we can. We only promise that it will be interesting. There are some logistical items to sort out yet like ‘The name of the show” and “what time of the day will it happen” but not to worry that info will be coming shortly.  Stay tuned.

Parenting Tip:

Most families are getting ready for the start of a new school year. Similarly many kids are getting ready to say they aren’t going back to school. Let the games begin then. As a parent how do you handle this?

In my view, as parents, it is important for us to be clear to our children that we are responsible for establishing a safe, secure family living environment. That means we have to decide the boundaries for family life, what does appropriate behaviour look like so that all the people living in the home feel safe and connected and heard. There really isn’t a great deal of latitude here.  However, there will be times when decisions need to be made that concern individual needs as well and they,sometimes, fall outside the expectations of family life.  One of these decisions will concern juniors’ desire to continue his education–or not.

As a parent you need to help him/her understand that there is a legal requirement that society demands of adults concerning their offspring and that is not up for negotiation. Parents can be and sometimes are jailed for not sending their kids to school. After the magic age of 16 is reached the choice then becomes a family one. A clear statement regarding expectations needs to be made not as a threat, threats will get you nowhere, but rather as a statement about how everyone benefits from having a nice safe warm home to live in therefore everyone is expected to contribute their fair share to the maintenance and upkeep of that family home. Room and board now become a requirement since junior wont be attending school any longer.

What’s next. One of those things is to negotiate-to discuss options with your child. What is doable for the family. Lay out the position of what the family can do in terms of money that is available for a private school, if home schooling is an option or not, are there any other options to consider? Include your child in the discussion of other possibilities instead of insisting that he/she WILL do as they are told. If your child feels as though he/she has a say in what happens to them next they may be more likely to be open to some other ideas. Ask him/her what they see as an option-what are they willing to do to continue their education. Would they consider attending another public school? This option is important if they are being harassed or bullied where they are currently and feel they can’t talk about that. There is the option of doing school on line but this requires an agreement that states there are particular standards that need to be observed. In other words you can’t sit at home all day playing on the computer while your progress on line is slipping into mediocrity. Are there other community options to consider? Perhaps joining in a community group study program. There are mentorship type programs in many cities now as well. Investigate some of the options with your child. Physically go to where these options exist. Engage in fact finding missions together. Then outline 4 or 5 options together and allow your child to choose the one that meets his/her needs. They can also choose a couple of courses that interest them specifically although not they may not be directly connected to a program dealing with a particular school requirement. Offer to help pay for those courses as long as they, your kids, are willing to pitch to help out as well.

This approach may not always win out but it is surely better to start with this process than to fight and scream knowing that approach is going nowhere. The important point here is: deal with the child’s decision and seek to join in the solution rather than  punish the child for the choice they have made. One is solution finding and a good life lesson to problem solving and the other is simply amplifying the idea that might is right.    

Video Of The Week:  This is a great message for all to hear–kids especially

Anyways, that’s how I see it. All the best, Jim

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