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Need to clarify a point or two about my book and the title

When I began to write ‘A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . I had two immediate thoughts: What was the message I was trying to send out and who was I sending it to?
What the title is supposed to suggest is that, as healthy, mature males in the world, it is our responsibility to help younger males grow into strong, mature. responsible males and to never lose sight of the gifts that we bring into the world. Mature men need to assist young men through the transition from boyhood to manhood so that those same young men can grow to be confident in themselves, that they have a place in the world and to be clear about what we, as men, do and how we go about our business. It is the responsibility of each of us, as men, then, to be sure that those who follow are prepared to do the same for their sons. THIS IS/WAS NEVER TO SUGGEST THAT MEN ARE BETTER PARENTS TO THEIR SONS THAN MOMS. I DO BELIEVE THERE ARE CERTAIN PARTS IN/OF A YOUNG MAN’S LIFE THAT ONLY DADS CAN BE HELPFUL WITH.

But the part that seems to to have been missed, unstated or ignored is that the book offers an explanation and an honest view of the importance of the females in our lives and how single moms-especially-need to understand/know that there are some messages that they cannot deliver to their son(s)–there are messages that only a man can deliver to another male. Moms need not feel or think that they are not good parents because they are not able to provide the parental guidance that ‘junior’ needs in order for him to understand his manhood. ‘Junior’ needs to get those messages from a strong male role model. This book can be as beneficial to single moms as it is to single dads.

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4 Podcasts coming up with Dr. Anne Marie Evers. Dr.Evers has worked with Dr.Deepak Chopra, Dr.Bernie Siegel and Dr.Wayne Dyer in the past.

I have the pleasure to discuss each of the 4 cornerstones of my recent book called ‘A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons’ in 4 separate interviews with Dr. Anne Marie Evers a noted expert in the field of using the power of affirmations as a healing tool.

At this time we are scheduled to discuss my book on -September 19
-October 10
-October 17
-October 24
The interviews will be broadcast on on Saturdays beginning at 12:00noon PST which is 3:00PM our time (EST)

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