The Week That Was. . . “But It Is My Right To Look Like This”


Earlier in the week I found myself engaged in a conversation about rights. It seems that no one has more of a claim to their ‘rights’ then kids of the day. Now I consider myself a pretty liberal guy. I have seen much in my time on the planet and so I am not easily shocked. But the picture at the top of this page helps describe what words fail to do. The caption is: “Mom-why can’t I get a job.” Now this either speaks to the fact that some kids are oblivious to how repulsive some look, they don’t care or they haven’t a clue about how to present themselves in a public forum with the goal of obtaining employment. In some cases we need to credit or discredit, which ever you choose, the education system for not working to prepare our kids for the REAL world. The message needs to be that presentation of oneself is as powerful as good marks.

In my view this needs to be a part of any curriculum. I recognize that in some cases it would not matter but there are those kids who truly haven’t got a clue about how to present themselves to a potential employer. And then we have those who believe that it is their right to present themselves as they wish citing ‘freedom of self expression’. I agree people have the right to self expression but potential employers have the right to determine how and in what way they prefer to have their businesses or their brand represented to the public. Take the young man in the pic above–can you imagine walking into a upper scale clothing store for men and discussing the fit of a beautifully tailored suit or a mom walking into a department store with her baby in a stroller looking to purchase some clothing for her child? No? Neither can I. I think that the answer to why some can’t get a job is pretty evident.

What Is A Palindrome:

A palindrome is a piece of writing-a poem-that can be read forward and then in reverse using the exact same words but reverses the meaning of the original piece. They are amazing and the one that follows is one that every kid should read or hear. It should be admitted into every school for our kids to hear. It really is a matter of perspective. See what you think.

Parenting Tip For The Week:  How to create a more satisfying family environment.

Parents are often saying that they wish they could talk more and yell less with their kids-especially their teen age kids.  As kids get older they continue to move toward a time when they want to be more independent. They are also less likely to listen to you as a parent telling them what to do all the time.

Start by making the dinner table a ‘safe zone’. Much good comes from times when food is involved. Make the dinner table a place for discussion and conversation. The rules are simple: all electronic devices are to be left out of the dining area. That means mom’s/dad’s phones and the kids phones-turn them off. Establish times for dinner where phone calls and knocks on the door are not happening and this goes for EVERYONE. Dinner becomes a time when no lectures happen, no discipline handed out, no arguments about why the car didn’t get washed. The dinner table becomes a place where stories are told, problems are talked about and solutions are discussed BY ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY. Soon the kids will learn that dinner is a safe time to sit and be with family members. It becomes a time when people connect with each other and everyone has equal value and a place at the table. Parents LISTEN to their kids talk about their days and issues they are having.  Your kids are not seeking answers particularly but rather just want to know they are free to discuss them. Parents need to refrain from offering their ‘sage advice’ unless asked for.

We all want to be heard–our kids are no different. Try to make dinner a time when laughter is the order of the day. Have a night where one night a week someone gets to create or least eat their favourite dish. I suspect that, eventually, you will yell less and enjoy dinner time more often.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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