The Week That Was. . . In Praise Of Women

 “A complete society is created when ALL its people grant each other respect, dignity and an opportunity to be all they can be free of coercion or control. When this happens equality becomes a by-product. It has nothing to do with being male or female-nothing”–JC


When Hillary Clinton won the nomination for the DNC last week much of the celebration was about her being the first woman to gain such a nod. Obviously I don’t have a stake in the proceedings since I don’t have a vote but I was hoping that the celebration would have been about Hillary being the best person for the job amongst those so sought to win. She will now have an opportunity to cancel a run at the presidency by a person who is clearly someone who is struggling with the idea of decency, respect, diplomacy, which doesn’t register on his radar and a political savvy that is concerning by its total absence concerning anything that comes out of his mouth.

I was wrong and, again, another golden opportunity was missed to illustrate the point that gender is second to the fact that she was the best and most qualified human being to lead the party to victory in November. Here we are again taking the discussion away from the idea that we are all first and foremost human beings and that needs to be what is important and not the size, shape and function of someone’s body. Do we need males and females in the world? Sure do. Our very existence depends on it. Do I enjoy the company of women around me and as a part of my life? Sure do. Not having women around me would be like living in a world full of red Volkswagons–pretty boring stuff not to mention not having any mental and emotional challenges that add excitement to how I see the world I live in. Women bring an exciting vision and meaning to the world-one that should be celebrated. But I always try to consider women human beings first just as I would want women to see me in the same fashion. No more or less than that.

 5 Things That We Can Do To Keep Our Relationships Healthy:

1. Continue to support our partners dreams of being all they can be and be assured that our support is freely given. Our support is vital to our partners’ success.

2. Encourage each other the freedom to speak and think for themselves without sarcasm, mockery or clearly indicating that you are not interested in what they have to say.

3. Acknowledge a job well done. Encouragement is always a valued and accepted gift.

4. Sometimes partners need to seek ‘alone’ time to deal with challenges in the relationship. Not everything that is wrong has to be-or can be-corrected immediately. People just don’t work that way. Sometimes creating a bit of space is the best course of action.

5. Be complimentary. Don’t miss an opportunity to say something pleasing or ‘nice.’ Don’t be afraid to demonstrate that you care about the other person. We sometimes find it easier to show our anger than we do our love for our partners. Try turning that around.

Music Video Of The Week:

We are human beings first but we are different from one another and those differences need to be celebrated, accepted and understood by each and every one of us. It is our differences that bring us together. That’s how we make this work. Enjoy the video.

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Anyways, that how I see things. All the best, Jim

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