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Its good to be back.

I thought I’d return with an article I posted quite a while ago. It’s topic has been in the news for much longer. We seem to be having a tough time trying to figure out who we are, who we want to be and how we want to be seen in the free world.  Our politicians find it more challenging telling the truth rather than keeping their word. Spin has become an ugly term and one that we should never get used to.

I’m not a big fan of the politicians of the day. Politics has changed quite a bit in the last decade or so becoming, in my humble opinion, much more self serving, egotistical, and about how to get re-elected and much less about how to maintain Canada’s reputation as being trustworthy. Too much ‘ political correctness’ is making a mockery of the idea that we are being ‘progressive’ when we have clearly gone over the top and super sensitive. We have failed, miserably, at trying to be all things to all people.

One such example of this failing is the whole topic of immigration and how we have really ‘bastardized’ what was a great and generous idea-one that truly recognized the need to ‘share our wealth’ but maintain our domestic loyalty to those who fought for and wanted to remain true to their heritage and culture. We have ignored a great opportunity to live what we say we stand for by how we have treated our indigenous citizens. We certainly have discriminated against our Indigenous People by showing more compassion for off shore immigrants to our fair land. There are approximately 1.7 million Indigenous People living in Canada. In the last 10 years we have granted status to 2.6 million immigrants.  But that will be an article for another day.

We continue to ‘move the goal posts’ regarding any clear program governing immigration to date. We have created a mess that acts by different rules and philosophies day-by-day. I am a solid supporter of inviting immigrants to share our land, constitution, our riches and the opportunity to be free to be who they are or want to be. 

What saddens me is the price we paid and continue to pay for our generosity. Our governments position on immigration is untenable especially when we consider the complete and continued bungling of the homelessness and youth homelessness issues that plague our fair land.

My suggestion: Let’s get back to a document created by our 7th Prime Minister who ruled from 1896-1911. He knew THEN that we needed to be aware of what runaway immigration could do to us as a nation and outlined a very practical, reasonable, compassionate and simple but effective policy that was both fair and gracious.

Please read this with an open mind.


This article was written over a century ago . . . . . so it has stood the test of time. It is short, and to the point. Here’s what Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier thought of the immigrants wanting to become Canadians in 1907.

First of all we must insist that the
> immigrant that comes here is willing to become a Canadian
> and is willing to assimilate our ways, he should be treated
> on equal grounds and it would be shameful to discriminate
> against such a person for reasons of their beliefs or the
> place of birth or origin. But it is the responsibility of
> that person to become a Canadian in all aspects of life,
> nothing else but a Canadian. There can be no divided
> allegiance here. Any man who says that he is a Canadian, but
> tries to impose his customs and habits upon us, is not a
> Canadian. We have room for only one flag, the Canadian flag.
> There is room for only two languages here, English and
> French. And we have room for loyalty, but only one, loyalty
> to the Canadian people. We won’t accept anyone, I’m
> saying anyone, who will try to impose his religion or his
> customs on us.Wilfrid Laurier, 1907

For me it is quite simple but I would add some clarification. If you are looking for a place where you can sleep at night and not worry about being kidnapped or shot, where you can be sure that you will have the opportunity to succeed and excel at just about anything you want to do, if you are interested in finding peace, freedom, friendship good healthcare and open education where your family is safe then Canada is the place where you should choose to live. If you choose us-great. But leave you biases and your ideas about changing us to suit you behind. I don’t want what you are leaving. That’s why we are here and you are not. Join us-please. No one is saying you cannot live your customs and your culture here. Enjoy your own church and wear your own clothing style but be willing to allow us to live what you had dreamed of having when you decided to come here. I do not want to be you. I do not want to live my life according to your ways. We fought to have and be who we are. If you want to live among us then get used to the idea that you are free to join us or not but do not try to make me–you.

Yours truly, and with pride in country, James Cloughley

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