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As I have said before I see me as a cause and effect type guy. I don’t believe in coincidence. Besides-believing in coincidence leaves too much out of our control and I am also a control guy. I like to feel that I have some input into what happens to me on my journey. Having said that and as I get older I think more about what I have done, who I have met and what I have learned. What is there left to do if I really want to leave a mark on the planet before my time is up.

It is true that time passes quicker as we age. There is no way of slowing that down either. It becomes all the more important to focus on what’s next and simplify life as much as possible. Get rid of people who bring you down or don’t add to your life living experience. Don’t get caught up in pettiness and revenge–it’s a huge waste of precious time and in the end gets you nothing. You can’t enjoy the revenge because you realize that it doesn’t keep you warm at night and it doesn’t teach you anything useful. So my mission now becomes this: what do I do with all the information that I have been exposed to? How do I choose the people who can guide me and help me put together my purpose for having been here? What is the message I want to share with others who have reached the same place I have?

And they say that life is boring. There is so much to do and so little time.

I’ll leave you with this thought:  “Don’t tell me WHY I can’t. Just tell me HOW I can”–JC

My Video Of The Week:

This is so amazing I had to watch it a few times. Who does this? How did he come to build this? Watch for yourself if you haven’t already seen it.


Parenting Tip For The Week:

Many kids among us have amazing minds. They see things and think thoughts that make us wonder where that comes from. There are so many kids with fertile imaginations and who love to dream. Just as many concerned parents force their kids not to dream or worse yet punish their children in some way when they ‘talk foolishness’.

Parent please hear this: Encourage your kids to dream. Join them in their dream by talking about it and getting the kids to explain their dreams. Keep them engaged. It is so beneficial and healthy for children to dream. It is not about the escape nor is it about not wanting to face reality. ON the contrary it is about providing them with a forum in which to develop plans for their futures and to provide hope and excitement and drive. For many it is the way things get done. Carl Sandburg the great American poet, writer and editor was quoted as saying:

                                                                            ” Nothing happens unless first a dream”

Carl Sandburg was a man who received 3 Pulitzer Prizes in his time.

Anyways, that’s how I see things, all the best, Jim

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