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Amazing cloud formation near Edmonton, Alberta (Interesting to look at but not so much when talking about experiencing it)


It’s interesting how topics of conversation will find you when you aren’t looking. So it goes with the topic of opioid dependence. For a long time now people who have only had the printed word to respond to have blamed, vilified and chastised those who have become addicted to opiates. For the first time in a very long time the spotlight has now fallen on one of the true sources of opiate addiction and that is the very system that is supposed to be the guardians of our health. Physicians, in some cases certainly not all, have become legalized dealers of addicting drugs. Whether they are or were too busy the ball got dropped and the patients who were in legitimate need of narcotic painkillers were basically ignored when it came to follow up appointments. Appropriate treatment for the addiction that was bound to follow lengthy use of painkiller medication didn’t happen. As a result thousands of people fell victim to the ravages of opiate addiction. In some cases families were destroyed.

The point to this little diatribe is this: finally, drug addiction will be recognized for what it is and that is a public health issue and not the result of some moral judgement made by people who don’t know any better. Perhaps now some inroads can be made into the treatment of this illness and those who really need the help can seek it without public condemnation, criticism or punishment. Now perhaps some of the resources that are squandered on ‘the war on drugs’ will be spent on those who are the victims.

That’s it for me about that–Jim

Parenting Tip For The Week:

These are very troubling times for a great number of people and that means adults as well as teens. Many parents will say that they are mystified by the number of teens who suffer from depression. What do they have to be depressed about? They don’t have the troubles that parents have. Well the truth is they do have their own troubles and they do have stressors that overwhelm them. Right now it is more important to recognize the signs of teen depression than it is to try to understand what is behind the troubles. Here’s some of what you might look for:

–Sadness and/or hopelessness; alcohol or drug use; abnormal restlessness; agitation; lack of motivation; low energy levels; loss of interest in usual activities, hostility; anger; changes in sleeping patterns; loss of appetite; loss or lessening interest in family and friends; feelings of guilt; lack of interest in school and school activities; increase complaints about aches and pains which would be abnormal; increased frequency of headaches and seeing an increase of high risk activity.

Don’t panic if these signs are seen from time to time but if they persist longer than would be considered ‘normal’ get your kid to see a physician who is qualified to make an assessment of his/her behaviour. The message:


What’s New:

Really excited about beginning to develop the “Forward Thinking . . . Forward Living” Program. This has been in the offing for the last year and a half. I have enlisted the energy and the knowledge of some brilliant teachers who saw a particular need to, at least, monitor how our kids were being taught. More ‘teachers’ are beginning to see the merits  of approaching education from a whole new perspective. There is a need to create a new paradigm around how we educate our kids and the need for a complete shift in the thinking. Technology has written new rules for hiring today’s graduates. If students are going to have a hope of securing a career of their choice the focus will need to be on innovative thinking, creativity and  critical thinking skills which is much different from the standards that have been a mainstay of an antiquated education system to date. Times have changed and so has the demand that is now being made by industry on our near future graduates.  More to come on this topic to be sure.

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A gentle toe tapper from Chris Rea. If you try real hard you can hear the palms blowing and you can smell the fresh papaya–yum, yum

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