1 thought on “Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 25”

  1. Our violence and white collar crime is a direct result of the Liberal attack on moral absolutes (God). If nothing is morally wrong then anything is okay, right? The thing is we train little Jimmy that he still gets the trophy just for participation. When he steals or lies as a kid mom and dad bail him out over and over. Little Jimmy grows up not respecting his parents or anybody else for that matter. He’s a spoiled rotten kid, with an entitlement mentality, now sitting in the chair as a CEO, still lying, cheating and stealing, just what he was trained to do. He knows the Liberal government will bail him out and if he pays the right people he won’t do jail, just like mom and dad did. Bottom-Line, we kicked God out of our schools in 1969, and it shows – BIG TIME!


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