Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 33

So here we are with another installment of Truth Talkin’ Thursday–Jim and Jane. We were discussing what, if any, role the church could or should play when someone is struggling with a life issue of some kind. Should the church be the ONLY resource to be used?

See how the conversation goes.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I listened intently to this video and have many thoughts and comments to make.

    Jim, as you know, I’ve been there. Abuse, rapes, … . I don’t need to go into detail, except to “qualify myself” as “experienced, yet certainly not an expert”

    After making it through some pretty tough scenarios in life, then “getting clean and sober”, and meeting a wonderful man who is still in my life, I still had an emptiness. I wanted desperately to speak to a minister. After attempting to make contact by phone, email, and face to face, in a number of churches, and across a couple of provinces… I finally found a local Anglican Church that had brought in a new minister.

    My faith has been renewed after probably 30+ years, thanks to this minister I call, “Holy Man”, and the congregation at the church. They have been welcoming, kind, and yes, you will find the odd one that behaves contrary to what is taught. But I focus on the good which most definitely outweighs the “bad”. That is the attitude I TRY to maintain in all areas of life.

    As in every situation in life, you cannot judge all for the actions of a few. I, as many others, disagree with “the Church” in some of their decisions, but the specific church I go to is not “the Church” that made those decisions, and may even disagree as well.

    I can only speak for myself but, I think many that have experienced abuse (be it man, woman or child) a definite sense of being “unworthy” of love, kindness, etc, and self loathing becomes a huge part of our being. I deserved what I got because I put myself in those situations, behaved wrongly, or said or did something to bring on what happened.

    In counselling, it takes a long time to find a therapist you “click” with. Same as churches. Same as friendships, relationships. As a matter of fact, I was DENIED access to the “Abused Womens’ Group” merely because I believe in Equal Shared Parenting. As in every type of women’s group, one has to “go with the flow” in order to be accepted. Numerous groups of that type will teach anger and hatred and even suspicion of all men. Not ALL men are abusive, and just to keep the “equality” in my comment, not ALL women are Florence Nightinggales.

    That all being said, society is devolving, instead of evolving. There appears to be no “right or wrong” anymore. I align that with the removal of God and His 10 Commandments, but that is my opinion. Something tells me I do not stand alone in that thinking.

    If you mean by Organized Religion, the different faiths as in Catholic, Baptist, etc… I believe each has their own interpretation of the Bible. Frankly I don’t care what church people belong to as long as they aren’t hurting anybody or themselves. My God is one of Love that asks that we love Him, and our neighbours. When I began, eventually, to speak to the minister at our church, he told me that I “was no more bad than the rest of us”. I was told I was forgiven for all I had confessed to by God, without judgment by him (Holy Man). Being forgiven for past behaviours is HUGE, and not being judged is just as important.

    All of this cannot be taught in counselling, because like it or not, everybody… unlike God… have their own agendas.

    Society, or those that have ulterior motives, forcing the rest of the people to be “politically correct”, are trying to change the Bible to suit their wants. Something that is as old and steadfast as the Bible cannot be changed to suit us or it undermines the teachings and actual history. It alters the Truth. We, as a society need to change ourselves to what is taught in the Bible. Then, and only then, will society return to being one of justice, right and wrong, love and kindness.

    Everything is based on perspective. Absolutely everything.

    Love thy neighbour isn’t promoting homosexuality, as it is in society these days. It means to love them in a pure sense.

    Years ago homosexuality was kept quiet. People merely wanted to be accepted as people, as individuals. Today, what what we once knew as tomboys are now gender confused, gender neutral, lesbian. They are encouraging something that once was abnormal, Now everybody runs around shutting down businesses if they don’t fly the rainbow flag. They have parades to exhibit the fact they have sex with the same (or both) gender.

    People, as a whole, don’t care who people sleep with, as long as it isn’t with their wives husbands, boyfriends … you get the picture.

    We are tired of changing our country for a few fanaticals that believe we should die because we won’t convert to their religion, yet call for “political correctness” when having same sex lifestyles forced down our throats.

    Everybody has a cross to bear. Everybody. But we all need to refocus on what is truly important in life, and reassessing ourselves, our expectations in life, our behaviours, and try to improve ourselves to be better people.

    Thank God I’m alive today.


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