1 thought on “Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 4”

  1. The quick history of the church goes like this. God shows up, the people respond, God makes the people prosper, they become self-sufficient, turn their backs on God for lust & money. Their lust & money destroys them from the inside, they turn to God, he restored them, and the story has repeated itself over and over. The more prosperous we are the more self-sufficient we are, the more we place our own SELF on the throne Jesus should sit in our hearts and minds.
    NO MATTER WHAT WE CALL OURSELVES, When we live for ourselves, we act just like it (selfish & self-centered). When we live for God, we act like it also (fruit). To tag on to last weeks topic. It’s an inside job, it takes the indwelling of the Spirit of God in a life that makes a true lasting difference, all else is nothing but a phony band-aid on a wound that needs life giving surgery. – And it shows.


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