Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 43

Well, Jane and I went off to do battle with the forces of Mother Nature and of course, she won. We were headed down to Balls Falls just above Vineland to continue with our tour of the Niagara Peninsula when we encountered an amazing and quite violent thunderstorm. As we were caught in the middle of it with no shelter and nowhere to hide we continued on to the conference center at Balls Falls to seek some relief even though we were both soaked to the skin. While there we decided we might as well do our clip for the day and discussed how sometimes the best-made plans can go awry and there is nothing to do but decide whether or not we will let it slide and enjoy just being alive or if we would let it ruin the rest of our day because we hung on to something that we had no control over.

Notice the lovely outfit that Jane is wearing–fashions by Walmart I believe it’s called. ¬†We decided to joke about what happened and . . .

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