Truth Talkin Thursday: Episode 5

Jane and I enjoying doing our Truth Talkin’ Thursday videos. It gives us a chance to speak to many of the issues that we feel passionate about and to be able to spread those for others to think about as well.

Hopefully, soon, we will be able to get listeners and readers involved by providing an opportunity for them to participate by being involved in a conference call with others. This way more folks can voice their thoughts and feelings about personal or public matters anonymously if they choose.

Hopefully we can start to dialogue around things that really need public attention and support. In the mean time I have provided, and will continue to provide, the U-Tube link that folks can click on to at least hear our conversations and then be able to connect with either Jane or myself by e-mail to air your comments. Our hope is that you find these videos challenging and informative.

1 thought on “Truth Talkin Thursday: Episode 5”

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. I definately appreciate the fact that Jim made it through his times of chaos and darkness and he was then able to reach out and help others. He has helped me so much and there aren’t many days that go by that I don’t think of something Jim told me that continues to help me in my everyday life.
    I believe also in divine intervention. Miracles also.


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