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  1. Hello Jim and Jane.

    An amazing discussion AND you both said things I was ready to holler out at the screen if not said. KUDOS!

    Kids need BOTH parents in their lives. Jim you know I have fought that fight for years, saying exactly that.

    Dead Beat Dads…

    They do exist. HOWEVER, the courts refuse to treat every case as uniquely as it is in reality. And there are no widely used terms for those Dead Beat Mothers out there.
    So many women’s groups have screamed enough to get “ALL” fathers to pay for those “Dead Beat Dads” that lack the morality, maturity, responsibility, and/or decency to take responsible action for THEIR kids benefits.

    Courts base their decisions on “text book cases” and place horrendous and unrealistic child support payments on all fathers. If they UNWILLINGLY end up out of work, the courts base their support payments on the previous year stating if they could make that much the year before, then they are capable of making it that current year. They garnish wages, they take away drivers’ licenses. As you guys stated, how are they supposed to find a job when they are unable to travel?

    In many cases the support paid for the children goes into the mothers pocket for her own enjoyment and the children enjoy none of it.

    The bad destroy it for the good.

    The judges are supposed to be learned individuals, yet they put agonizing financial burdens on the fathers and then deem them Dead Beat Dads when they are unable to “pay up”. The courts will take absolutely everything from the father without any concern about whether or not they have enough to eat or a roof over their own heads. They cannot work if they are starving or have no shelter themselves.

    Yes, there ARE Dead Beat Dads, (AND MOMS) which in my opinion are those that simply did not want a child, or don’t care about the children, or just didn’t use protection when they should have. I’m not a psychologist, but I will venture to say that some run off because they are afraid. Some may be scared of raising children. Some simply aren’t ready and are afraid. But it is very unfortunate for the children. And yes, for the parent left fighting desperately hard doing everything possible themselves to raise those children.

    In my opinion it takes two to make a child, it should take TWO to raise a child, be it spiritually, financially etc etc. If it takes $100,000 annually to raise a child, then BOTH parents should be responsible for $50,000. Their should be NO sole custody. It should be Equal Shared Access. It doesn’t confuse the children, if anything, they benefit from it and many find it exciting to go to the other home for a week then back for a week sort of thing.

    Just because a marriage or relationship breaks up doesn’t mean one can park their butt and rely on the other entirely to the point of financial, spiritual, emotional, and physical bankruptcy.

    Just because there is a breakup, it doesn’t mean one can lie and falsely accuse the other of horrible acts in order to meet their own agendas, and the cost of the children’s well being.

    I have seen many cases where the father is denied access to the child(ren) simply because the mother doesn’t want him near the children, and is still forced to pay through the nose for their upbringing. I have seen child welfare agencies ignore obvious and reported signs that the mother was lying in order to keep the fathers away from the children. I have seen a woman forge a judge’s order in order to get what she wanted, and with impunity!

    Too many people in this “ME” generation focus on themselves and don’t care who they hurt.

    The courts and child welfare agencies and legal authorities claim, “It’s in the best interest of the children”.

    Society takes the easy way out. In order to “prevent” future hardships, men have been criminalized and now males are hated from birth, because girls are being taught what to expect from males even before they grow up. Girls are allowed to physically beat on a male but the male is not allowed to deter it or defend themselves even the slightest. The perverts used to be stereotyped as a man in a long trench coat. So all men wearing trench coats were targeted.

    All women are NOT Florence Nightingales, and all men are NOT Clark Gables, or Bat Man, or even Brad Pitt.

    It is high time people stop taking their anger and frustration out on others and focus on raising their children to be decent, hardworking and respectful human beings, with a belief in the 10 commandments. Those are the only laws anybody needs to know.

    Just sayin’

    • HI–for some reason or another I just came across your entire text about episode 6 dead beat dads. So how do you really feel about the topic :)–Of course I agree but then we come from the same place with many of the conundrums of the day. It really isn’t difficult to adjust our thinking on this other than for the folks who want to create enough exceptions so that there is a slot for everyone and then no one will have to accept responsibility for their behaviour. It’s fun making them but looking after them is another story. I’ve often said that (and I say this with great reservation) you have to have a licence to carry a gun but nothing has to happen outside of the obvious to create a human life. Ergo-guns are more important than humans. That is why we have so much difficulty passing gun laws that work. We could go on but as always I appreciate your interest and support and your words. I look forward to more of your thoughts in the near future. Got any topics you want us to talk about?? We are open for anything-within reason of course but there are no boundaries or ‘rules’ for what we are doing–it’s what makes it fun. We can basically say what we please–hope all is well ‘over there’–love, Jim


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