Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 60

Greetings to all–well Jane and I got to chatting about why we started to do these little clips in the first place. Hard to believe that we have posted 60 of these things. We have covered a great number of topics-not always agreeing–but always being respectful of each of our differences. It has been fun as well as informative and so we agreed to keep doing them for awhile yet. All each of us wanted to do was to bring some new perspectives to the front and help folks find some Peace and Happiness in their lives. Apparently we have done some of that. We are hoping to add a phone/Skype component soon so that we can invite people to call us and discuss what they will. That way we can offer to include people in the clips if they want or not if they don’t want. Stay tuned–all the best and thanks for dropping by–Jim


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