Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #66

Join Jane and I as we tackle the questions of: “How much is enough?” and “What are you prepared to do or give up in order to get more of anything? So many of us are not sure about how much is enough and so we continue to work overtime every chance we can thinking or believing that we are doing something wonderful in pursuit of more money or more “points” with the boss or to gain more influence in your social group. Sometimes it means sacrificing time with family or friends. Some just want to have more of everything so that they can feel as though they are somehow better than others who have less. Most importantly we need to have an idea of how much is enough so that we know when we have arrived at whatever place in society or life you wanted to reach for whatever that reason may be.

Catch up with what Jane and I think about this life changing question and it is one of those questions that can truly alter the course of someones life once the answer is known.

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