Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #73

Greetings All–this week Jane and I talked about whether or not employers should be able to drug test their employees. Keep in mind that alcohol is considered a drug as well. It’s not just about cocaine or heroin or cannabis. Alcohol is in there too.

No surprise that I fully support the idea-Jane was almost there as well although we came at the topic from different places we ended up in the same place. Click on the link below for our reasoning and if you want to weigh in on the discussion please send us an email pointing out how you see it. We would welcome the feedback one way or the other. My email address is: and Janes is:

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2 thoughts on “Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #73”

  1. Athletes and horses have to be tested, so why not employees? Not only is the employer in a difficult situation, so are fellow employees.
    Another concern is impaired drivers. Alcohol can be detected, but are traces of
    marijuana or other drugs able to be detected quickly at an accident scene? And what if the driver has had both? It’s a real can of worms.
    I see a lot of unfortunate things happening until a lot of restrictions are put into place. Legalization is one thing, but a lot more testing needs to be done first. What a nightmare for the “good guys”, the police, the insurance companies and society in general.
    This was not well thought out and unfortunately will cost everyone.

    • Hi Sandy–thanks for your comment-appreciate your time and thoughts. Yes I agree that employers need to be able to test and they need to be random screens. I think your point is well taken–they test horses why wouldn’t they test people. If your clean there is o ‘intrusion’ and no I wouldn’t trust someone to tell me the “truth” about when/if they me be under the influence. I believe in peoples ‘rights’ as much as anyone–I just don’t see the “violation” that people seem to be experiencing.

      Thanks again, Be well, Jim


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