Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #86

This week Jane and I discussed Fathers Day and what it means or at least what we,as fathers, hope it would mean. We each talked about the relationships we were involved in with or being a father. Jane talked about her experience with her dad and spoke about being a father and what that meant. Being a father is such a personal experience and not always easy to speak about. My hope was that you would find a way to do that and don’t wait until next Father’s Day to do it. Every day can and hopefully is Fathers Day. Check out the rest of what we had to say about that great day by clicking on the link below.

Comments are always welcome to either Jane at: jterdik@hotmail.comĀ  ot to me at: Would appreciate hearing from you. PS I have an outline for a 10 point program on how to re-build a father-son relationship for those dads who want to be a part of their sons (or daughters) life but don’ know how or where to get started. Go to–it’s under “Programs” on the content bar on the home page.

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