Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #94

Jane and I discuss how some folks try TOO hard at being successful or at being the best parent you can be or wanting to quit smoking. All great to consider but at what cost to you. IF you are miserable or always on edge or not being mindful regarding what is happening to you overall then perhaps you need to find another way to reach your goals. If you are working that hard maybe you need to listen to yourself when yourself says ” this just isn’t the right way to be going about this-this is more harmful than the outcome promises”. Check our the clip below for the rest of the discussion. Thanks for stopping by–all the best, Jim

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  1. Trying to hard for anything throws the balance of your life off. You must ignore other important matters when you fixate on one thing, you lose your balance. Dr Ed Cole said in his book Maximized Manhood, “Balance is the key to life”, this always stuck with me.
    This is funny, I typed the first 2 sentences while you were talking, BEFORE you started mentioning “balance”, we’re on the same page, Brother. Jane mentioned everything doen’t have to be “Cookie Cutter”, reminds me of my favorit scripture “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken.” (drk) – That’s not really in the Bible but it should be. HaHa


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