Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #98

Join Jane and I this week as we talk about decisions we make and whether or not we make them considering how they might affect those around us. We often find ourselves in positions of needing to make or wanting to make a decision or decisions that are in our best interests. Is that selfish or is it the way people grow and progress? Any decisions we make have the potential to beĀ  life changing for us. Do we just go ahead and make the change or further the decision we set in motion or should we and do we have the obligation to tell others around us what we are doing ahead of time knowing that they will be affected by what we have decided to do?

Enjoy the conversation and send me your thoughts about what you have heard. Thanks for tuning in–all the best, Jim



2 thoughts on “Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #98”

  1. As they say in medicine, “Do no harm.” When change is needed, you must make it. Changing may affect others. If you do no harm to others, you ought go ahead and make the change. Changing yourself for the better may even affect others for the better. Hopefully, it will. You cannot please everybody, so, if you don’t harm others, better please yourself if its for the better.

  2. Greetings Gary and thank you for the comment and your time to respond. Change is such a “touchy” topic for some but I agree that we need not be held “hostage” by those who are stuck in their own issues around moving ahead or making change happen for the better. There will be times when changes we make or decisions we arrive at may affect others and that can’t always be avoided-it’s what is in our hearts that matters more. Thanks again–Jim


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