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I have always been interested with knowing more about the marriage of  geo-politics and money and how money drives world politics and global foreign policy. It seems to transcend philosophical boundaries so it may come as no surprise that after what I found I am more than a bit concerned about the direction that our ‘democracy’ has taken and how recent deals and events fit so nicely into a ‘bigger picture’. Take Mr. Harpers sell out to the TPP and how we are really going to be affected. But that piece of propaganda is not what I am concerned about today. I’m looking at the trends of the last 15-20 years. The slow erosion of our national interests as Canadians and what we have NOT been told about where we are going as a nation. The bigger picture shows us things like Facebook, a large world player, having the controlling interest of social media; how Google has become a huge player in the communications business; WalMart has become a huge player in the world economic plan and how devastating their presence has been for small independent businesses. These same small businesses were once considered to be the engine that drove free enterprise and job creation. Wal-Mart employs 2 million people world wide yet only 1.2% of those employees make above the poverty line in most countries. Wal-Mart has been made out to be some kind of great world benefactor when we know few truths about how they really operate and how they are ‘bad’ for business across the board; many suggest Johnson & Johnson has become the worlds largest drug manufacturer with sales at a record high of 78 Billion dollars for 2014 and a rise in profits of 18%. Why is the cost of drugs so high? J & J is larger than Pfizer, Bayer and Bristol Myers combined. Then there is the Bechtel Corp. which is one of if not the largest and most influential construction company in the world. Bechtel seems to be constantly awarded the plum government contracts especially for foreign contracts. So much power–world wide power and influence in the hands of so few. Scary stuff.

But the one that is most fearsome for me is Monsanto. They have been quietly making moves that will, they hope, put them in a position to control the WORLDS food supply in a few short years. I understand that I cannot speak for you, the reader, but I encourage you to do your own investigating–develop your own thoughts about what is happening and whether we need to be concerned about how Monsanto purchased over 200 other seed manufacturers so that they now control 90% of the seeds used in the growth and production of soy beans in the US. They have also created GM’s (Genetically Modified Seeds) for the growth and production of corn, canola oil, cotton and are close to being ready to introduce GM’s for sugar beets and alfalfa. They have virtually taken over the seed business for cotton producers in India to the point where farmers can no longer gain any profit at all for their cotton and are committing suicide because they cannot feed or provide for their families. In the past the historic practice was for farmers to produce next years crop from seeds that they had recovered from this years harvest. Monsanto has won a court battle to stop that practice based on patent rights so that now Indian farmers must purchase their seed every year at substantially higher prices so that, currently, they can no longer make a profit from their harvest.

Monsanto is also planning on moving into the dairy farm business and fresh water control along with fish farming. They will, in essence, hold control over the worlds fresh water supply and the worlds food supply if they are not stopped from doing so. This to me would constitute a monopoly in a variety of categories. I was under the impression that monopolies were not allowed but somehow that is no longer true.

Who faces the greatest danger or threat–our children. They will be introduced to a system that has all the power over life as we know it and they will not be able to do anything to get out from under that–unless that plan is thwarted and now. We need to pay attention to these types of threats instead of thinking that this could never happen or the government won’t allow this or that we are only one and unable to make a difference. Look at what happened recently. Each one of us voted and the result was we tossed out a politician who did not have our best interest at heart and was unwilling to serve his constituents. We can make a difference but we need to become much better educated around what is happening to the quality and indeed the sustainability of our lives.

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Anyways, that’s how I see it–all the best, Jim

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