What’s been. . .What’s coming

Podcast News–The construction of a family’s character:

Did the second in the series of podcasts with Dr. Anne Marie Evers this past week. We focused on the 1st of four cornerstones on how to reclaim your positive sense of self and why its important to your kids. The link will be up on the site by Monday of next week. Don’t miss this important interview that can add strength to your self-esteem.

Developing More Positive Family Environments with Apsgo

Today I was fortunate to have been offered an opportunity to facilitate¬†a 2 hour workshop at the upcoming APSGO Convention in Newmarket, Ontario on November 7, 2015. APSGO is short for: Association for Parent Support Groups in Ontario. Their mission is to help parents, be they single parents, moms/dads or co-parents develop the skills they need to create solid, stable and supportive family environments and to create a society where all parents are aware of and have access to the strategies, support and practical techniques needed to deal with the disruptive behaviour of their children. More information to come as we get closer to the convention. Be sure to mark this date on your calendar–it’s that important.

My video for the week: 

Words are so important to our success as human beings. They can build up or take down, they can create adventure or fear, they can also support or shred a fragile ego. Watch this 2 minute video about how a change of words helped a man who was in desperate need to have someone help him survive.



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  1. This is so true for all of us. The power of positivity is undervalued and underestimated! Try singing and not smiling or feeling happiness…try whistling and not feeling happy…try smiling and not have a better mood appear! The mind is a beautiful thing.


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