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Write Your Non-Fiction Book

If you have a desire to be an author but don’t know how to get it started make sure to checkout the seminar I’ll be doing next month… Join fellow authors Roxanne Derhodge, Dr. Gary Page and myself for a full jam-packed day and…
  • We’ll show you how to write your book in 90 days or less
  • How to self-publish your work and save mega dollars in the process
  • How to get your book ready to market it as a finished product
  • Share some tips on how to begin promoting it to the public
 Looking forward to presenting our Authors/Writers workshop on August 22:
There are still a couple of  seats open at the table for those folks interested in writing that book that lingers inside. Don’t let doubt about your work keep you from learning how to self publish your dream of having your name on the cover. Go to jimcloughley.com -click on the button “for more information. . . .” then click on the ‘green box’ in the middle of the next page and register for the program. Lots of information there to help you decide if this is for you. You still have one day to get in on this informative and interactive workshop.

Affiliates Program

Added a few more resources this week that I will, soon, be able to offer you about a growing range of interests from affirmations for those suffering from cancer to helping mom’s cope with the stresses of raising a young family and working at a job to living a life in a fulfilling relationship.  These and many more resources will be available soon–stay tuned.

The Lifechoice Program

I developed this program for those who are feeling as though they aren’t living their lives to the fullest and would like to learn more about how to do that. IF it’s time to change your lifestyle and you need help or support or direction on how to approach this task go to my web site at:  jimcloughley.com to find out more about how to start making this shift. Know that two things are necessary to begin:

++ An inner personal desire to increase the quality you experience in your day to day living and

++Accepting that how you are managing your life at this time isn’t getting you closer to what you want to experience in your life each day. You may not know what to do next but you need to know that what you have been doing hasn’t worked out particularly well.

The Lifechoice Program is based on my re-released book named: Managing Me . . . Discover 8 Keys To More Passion And Inner Peace. It is available through my website.

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