A Final Thought On Paris . . .

Just a final thought on Paris. Now that things have settled a bit my thoughts go to those parents and kids who now face life with a huge void in it because of some who are so desperately dissatisfied with their own lives that they feel compelled to make sure others aren’t enjoying theirs either.

Let’s not lose sight of an opportunity that exists in the rubble of Paris. As a human family of the world we can use the tragedy in Paris as a call to all of our government leaders-‘Enough is enough”. Let’s not act out of anger and resentment. Let’s not act hastily but rather with discernment–but LETS ACT in a pro-active manner that says “We will not let you abuse us anymore”. Really–whose country is it and the decisions that are made don’t have to follow some generic formula that everyone else has to agree to. DO what is right for your own place and do it with respect and that others are treated with dignity. Let’s take back what is rightfully ours and invite those who want to support that way of life to join us and not condemn our choices for how we choose to live our lives on our own soil.

It’s OK to be different–it’s OK to lead. Political correctness needs to be buried with those who gave their lives in Paris.

Anyways, that’s how I see it–Jim



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