Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode 113

Jane and I got a bit more introspective this week with our chat–it is one that I believe is so very important for all of us who are interested in enjoying some peace of mind and soul should pay attention too. It is also important to tune into this because it will help you manage your guilt and shame issues more clearly and it will help to clear things up regarding our place in our own lives–focus on your own mental and spiritual freedom. Enjoy. Any comments are welcome-please send them to :

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #112

It’s good to be back to Truth Talkin’ Thursdays with Jane. This week we begin a conversation about are the priorities we establish for ourselves really all that important and how they can interfere with our happiness in our personal life and our professional life. When we believe that our hard work now and our dedication to the ‘priorities’ are more important than almost anything else we begin to find ourselves in trouble. This is the time when a good number of relationships and families begin to fall apart. That’s because we stopped placing those relationships at the top of our priority list. We stopped nourishing those connections with partners and children. Jane and I point out some basic things we can do to re-establish those relationships and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do.  Just click the little arrow twice.

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Truth Talkin’ Thursdays: Episode #111

Greetings –Jane and I  have been speaking about the need to reform education and how important it is that we learn more about what education is supposed to be. Have you ever asked the school principal or someone on the board of education for your particular school district what is the purpose of education? Why is it important for your children to have more of a say in the education they receive? Why is it important for the children to have  more of a say in the direction that their education needs to take. Children need to have a active role to play in planning and selecting the career they are interested in learning more about or would like to pursue. After all it is their life we are talking about . Check out what else we have to say about the importance of being an active participant in designing what you child’s educational plan will look like.


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #110

Greetings–There is growing concern among our children, parents and an increasing number of teachers that the system that has served to educate our children over the past 100+years is no longer relevant and connected to the needs and skills that our kids will have demonstrate if they are to have a chance to compete for good paying jobs. There is so much more to discuss and I suspect we will in the coming weeks.

If you as a care giver have any interest in knowing more and becoming informed about how you can help to rectify this problem, and it is a problem now, then please go to my website at and check out some of the information that I have posted there. No obligation to buy anything–this is simply the start of providing a solid discussion about what we need to do to ensure that our kids are as well prepared as they can be to survive in the new economies that demand so much more than what school and programs today are providing. In a nut shell we suggest that we need to be teaching our kids how to think and not what to learn.


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #109

All too often we tend to focus on the negative stuff that goes on in our lives and we tend to overlook the good stuff. Jane and I are talking about how we deserve to enjoy those good times whether they are few in numbers or if we have been blessed with some great events. Our lives must been seen in both lights if we are to see our value as human beings. We can learn a great deal by remembering the good things–it helps us to remember that good things will come our way again and that we need to work through the not so good things with that in mind. One of the things that we can do to balance out those times that seem overwhelming is try to think about ‘when was the best time of your life’?  When was it–what was happening and what came from that.



Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #107

Jane and I got to it today talking about why I don’t agree with making New Years resolutions. people do them or state them with very little chance of being successful at realizing them. There are many who can quit doing something but the problem is they can’t stay ‘quit’ and if you can’t stay ‘quit’ then the job becomes more difficult the next time you feel the need to try again. If you are interested in trying to live up to your resolution watch the video below for some hints about how to be more successful at it–thanks for stopping by–all the best, Jim


Truth Talkin’ Thursday . . . Episode #106

Greetings to you all, It has been awhile since Jane and I last posted anything. We decided to take care of some other business that had been pressing and of course it took longer than anticipated. But we are back here now and thanks to all those folks who wondered where we were and what was happening. Appreciate your interest. This week we got talking about things we take for granted and how trying to prepare for the unknown is really hard to do–usually at the cost of our mental health. We mention some basics that could be helpful if this is something that you find yourself doing from time to time.


Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #105

Greetings to all–thank you for stopping by. This week we spoke about a very important topic-one that creates as much peace in us as it can produce resentment and even anger at times. I’m meaning the subject of do we ‘deserve’ happiness or do we have to earn it. I say no to each and Jane is somewhere in the middle. Read on how we each see it and how important it is to our well being by double clicking on the link below and then the little arrow.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #104

Jane and I get chatting away around decisions to be made and how we can still have a say in our destiny but make no mistake, time is running out and once that happens is it very, very difficult to turn back the clock to enjoy the way it ‘used to be’. We are under the influence of anger but worse than that the folks we have leading us and those around the world for the most part don’t have our best interests at heart. It is about lining pockets and creating a class of people that could identify with those much like those in the movie called ‘The Hunger Games’. Sound far fetched– look a little deeper–a little closer. Catch the rest of what Jane and I are thinking. Just click on the arrow below and click on it again to activate it. Comments are always welcome at:  OR

Truth Talkin’ Thursday: Episode #103

AH yes–It is good to be back doing these little snippets with Jane. I missed her point of view and her hope and faith in people. This week we discuss how there are changes that are coming for many of us. Different folks will choose to deal with those changes and the emotions that go along with them in different ways. Most changes have a silver lining attached to them although it may seem that there is so much hurt, or anger, or disappointment that we can’t see any way out which adds to our negative state of mind.

Please join us this week to hear how we choose to deal these situations. We don’t have all the answers but sometimes we are able to present an approach that may be unrecognizable to some folks.

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