Hypocrisy Is Alive And Well South Of The Border

Now don’t get me wrong here–I am no fan of Roseanne Barr. I don’t see the attraction but that’s just me. But I do disagree with how the whole business that went down around her crass and ridiculous comment went.

Comedians today have a carte blanche it seems when they perform their shows–anything goes under the protection of the U.S. Constitution. Early comedians and through the era of Vaudeville were controversial for their time,true, when they were considered to be entertainers. But they actually used wit, body language and circumstances to make fun of audience members or to engage the paying customers. They would paint a verbal picture of situations that were common place for most of the audience members so that they could basically laugh at themselves. Generally all in good fun. Unlike today. Today comedians have to embarrass audience members. The use of course language and innuendo are so common place that they are expected. Folks listening are disappointed if they don’t hear “F”this  and “F”that. Hardly a sentence is spoken without 4 or 5 expletives uttered. If I wanted to hear that I could go to any mall these days and hear the kids talking like this for nothing.

My point here is that anything goes these days and no one seems to mind. For Roseanne to claim that her mistake was the result of using some medication is really unfortunate. She simply went too far thinking she was being “funny” when sarcasm and ridicule seems to be the rule of the day for comedians. If a comedian isn’t making people laugh by making fun of another group or person they are considered to be not very entertaining. To me The Marx Brothers were among the best to ever grace a stage. Brilliant minds and impeccable timing–great comics.

Did Roseanne step over the line–absolutely. I am convinced that she knew exactly what she was saying and doing and plain didn’t care. She is used to getting away with anything that is supposed to pass as humor. She was sitting on top of the comedy world with the top rated show-who was going to complain to her about what she said. She was a cash cow. She could be brilliant if she wasn’t so concerned about maintaining her well deserved reputation for being crass and seemingly not caring about what she says or whom is affected. She is paid well for being the “bad ass.” Now all the good work she claims she has done to support and stand for the less fortunate will go out the window because she just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to shoot off her mouth. At the other end of this are the folks that had cashed in on her popularity who saw an opportunity to nail her and then appear to be the rescuers and supporters jumping on the current bandwagon issue.

Should she have been fired? As I said she needed to go. The mistake I believe the networks made was cancelling the show. They could have had their cake and could have eaten it as well if they had simply called her into the Ivory Tower and fired her right there for what she said. There is no way they could have condoned her comment. They needed to make a clear and immediate statement about what is unacceptable. However, by doing it as they did they overreacted and put how many people out of work? Those people didn’t make the comment–she did. Families lives were affected. Peoples careers were affected and it didn’t have to be that way. They went way too far for me.

When you put what she said up against what Donald Trump has said and admitted to doing what does he have to do to get “fired?” Is what she said any worse than the things that he has admitted openly to doing or saying? I think not. The Republican party needs to be ashamed of themselves for supporting such a hypocrite and by supporting him they show themselves to be nothing more than hypocritical as well. What a joke the whole bunch of them are.

Anyways, that’s how I see things.

All the best and thanks for stopping by–Jim

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