Is He Really For Real?

How does this guy do it? He’s never been involved in politics before-not really-and yet here he is running for President of the United States. He’s actually leading some polls although he is not likely to stay there. But then again there were folks who said he wouldn’t get this far either.

There are a great number of things going against him and I would agree with most of what people have to say. He’s brash and a loud mouth. He is opinionated, shoots off his mouth before he puts his brain in gear (maybe he plans this part), he doesn’t apologize for what he believes, he doesn’t seem to care about how he says what’s on his mind nor does he seem to care who he centers out including himself.

Would I vote for him? Probably not. Not because of the things that I just outlined though. I think it would be difficult for the US and its allies to get things done on a global level and just as difficult on a domestic level. He would need to be able to negotiate with other countries with regards to the give and take needed to balance what you want versus what you can get. He is the president of over 400 businesses and companies. He is used to getting his own way and he is very astute. He knows how to go for the jugular but I’m not sure that the world powers have that kind of vulnerability. I think that he would get very frustrated very quickly at the inability to get things done and move ahead. Politics offers such a slow process. Look at President Obama and President Bill Clinton and VP Al Gore. They were filled with fresh ideas and energy to spare. Their excitement and fervor were contagious. That’s partly what got them elected. They convinced people that they could get things done and they would if given a chance. All those great ideas and great energy, when they were elected, got worn down by the system. Donald Trump would not be able to change the system and that would be his undoing.

But look what he is doing now and how he is doing it. Personally I like what he is doing now. He has brought a breath of fresh air to a stodgy old patriarchal system that is so sick and so rule bound and so back room oriented that it has become a mirror image of itself–meaning-it doesn’t really matter who sits in the BIG SEAT. The pace of change and government is still bound by the same rules and travels at the same pace it always has. Government hasn’t run the government for a long time. Big money runs the government now and they don’t have any particular political will or a side they favour. Their only will is to make more money because they understand, clearly, that money is the true power and the real control mechanism. True-The Donald has more money than many small countries but he is willing to put his money where his mouth is: he pays for much of his own campaign expenses and he flies around in his own jet. I believe he really wants to change some things. He’ll not get his chance.

Donald Trump wouldn’t survive in the present day political system but he sure would make it interesting for a while that’s for sure. What I like about him is that he says what he feels, like it or not, and he doesn’t get caught up in the ‘formalities, niceties, and protocols’. Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator John McCain both found that out.  Mr. Trump doesn’t play by the same rules and that’s one of the things that I like about the guy. He can’t be bought and says what he thinks. Actually I think he has more integrity than many of his peers and challengers. What we see is what we would get. Could he be a bit more ‘diplomatic’?–no I don’t think he can and that’s why he wouldn’t survive in the political world.

So is he really real? Oh yes–I think he is. We could learn a great deal about how to do politics differently by paying serious attention to Donald Trump. Our own PM is a shining example of someone who could truly learn how to be a better politician from this guy. Where Mr. Harper is just plain arrogant Mr. Trump, at least, tells it like it is and folks don’t have to wonder or guess about what’s between the lines. With Mr. Harper we are always left wondering what’s his angle and what he is NOT telling us.

Anyways, that’s how I see it.

All the best, Jim

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