How Much Is Enough? . . . The Answer is More Important Than you Know

Unfortunately many who read this will, first off, go right to the topic of money. It is , for many, their “raison d’etre”-their reason to be. The following is the first of two questions. I would like to ask those who will read this: How much money is enough?  That question lies at the heart of so much of our sadness, anger, envy and our call to greed. In my mind our preoccupation with accumulating wealth and making sure we have “enough” of it is what keeps us from finding the very thing that we believe it will provide–when we have enough of it. Things like peace, serenity, fairness, love, truth and so on. So how much would actually be enough for you? Could any of us have too much money or believe that we will need more than we can earn? The stress and expectations connected with acquiring wealth is enormous. I have mentioned on more than one occasion that money can’t by class and it can’t purchase happiness either. It can purchase comfort but that’s it. And yet it is, for many, the reason they get up in the morning. So many people dedicate their lives to get it so that they have enough and forfeit much of their lives in pursuit of it. How many people do you know who pursue money so they could be benevolent-so that they could be benefactors? No-me either. They started out to gather as much as they could then a few became benefactors. Again many become benefactors so that they can protect more of their money through tax savings. It was not their primary goal in life and they still concentrate on making more. Don’t get me wrong–making sure that comforts and necessities are taken care of and families and their needs are met is important and we should strive for those goals. But!–How much is enough?

So how much power would be enough? How much influence would be enough? How much honesty would be enough? Could someone be too honest? What would be the goal of having enough of anything? since we can’t say how much of anything would be enough. If we don’t know how much is enough how will we know when we get there? Is this more about ego than chasing an ideal?

This is the situation so many of us find ourselves in. We push and we struggle to have enough of what we don’t know the answer to. It is the source of our greed, our mismanaged lives, our anger, and resentments. More importantly it can be why we try to limit what others are doing so they won’t gain on us or take advantage of an opportunity before we have a chance to do the same. We live looking in a rear view mirror. We will be OK supporting those who don’t threaten what it is WE feel we need more of not knowing what or how much that is.

When I stopped to look at this through a different lens I recognized that people are actually capable of driving themselves into the mental health abyss.

The other question that needs to be asked is “what would you do to get it?” What would you sacrifice? What have you sacrificed until now? What would you give up? Your family? your health? your conscience? your morals and values?

I admire those folks who know exactly what they want and when they achieve it they move on to the next challenge. They are not driven by the unknown. They seem to live longer and more fulfilling lives. Good for them.

Anyways, that’s how I see it

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