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As a parent what is the one thing that you fear the most? I know for me it was not being able to protect my kids from the perils and the challenges that they would be faced with each and every day they were ‘out there’. So what can we do about that?

Well there are many things that we can do but first of all we have to commit ourselves, as parents, to providing the best environment possible for them to thrive in and to feel as though they matter, that they have importance, that they are safe both mentally and physically and that they are loved. We need to show it and demonstrate it every day not just once in a while when the spirit moves us.

Recently I wrote a book called “A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Son’s.” It is a fictional story but the issues I write about are very real. They are true to life today and they are very frightening. It is about the challenges young men face in the real world today–primarily those who are fatherless for one reason or another. I wrote about young men and did not include much about young women because I don’t feel overly qualified to write about females since I’ve never been female. I truly believe that there are some messages that young men can only hear from their fathers or another strong and trusted male role model so I decided to stick with something that I know something about. After working for 20+ years as an addiction counselor and dealing with families, fathers who abandoned their sons and sons who were abandoned by their fathers and having been a single father to a son and a daughter I feel qualified to share what I know with you the reader.

As a society we struggle with many important issues but there is no issue more important than the issue of fatherlessness in our families especially when it comes to how a young man survives in a world that is so uncertain now regarding his place in society and his value as a human being. Yet at a time when we need to be supporting our fatherless sons we are turning them away, not recognizing the importance of what is happening to them or just ignoring the situation hoping that time will make the outcomes go away. The facts are these: If we don’t have health and stability in our homes then our communities are in danger and if our communities are in danger then so are our towns and villages–our cities become pools of violence and gang warfare. Sound familiar?? There is great uncertainty, violence and wide spread hopelessness about their futures. Much confusion exists about the role they are to play now and in the future. They have very few ideas about the role of men in society today. They don’t have any understanding of the complexity and the pitfalls that await them regarding the transition from boyhood to manhood, little regard for their own self respect and certainly diminishing thoughts around the respect of others and their property.

The story features an opportunity for the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the real issues at hand and also some ideas around how to deal with those issues in a positive and interesting way. Through the conversations between an older man and a young man who is on the brink of personal destruction, the love of a single mother and the caring of a mentor, hope and understanding that life can be different begins to grow in the young man.

This is a great resource for single moms, single dads, grandparents, the legal system, the social systems, the educational system–there aren’t too many people who face the frustration of not knowing how to deal with fatherless sons today who wouldn’t benefit from this book.

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All the best, Jim

LifeChoice is a self-directed, confidential 8 week interactive program designed to assist those who have chosen a different path in pursuit of more quality and freedom in their lives. This program is offered on-line which means that you can participate right from your own home.

LifeChoice is not intended to replace or interfere with any current assistance or programs that you may be involved in. Rather, our program would enhance what you are already doing. It is not meant to take away from or distract from what currently may be helpful but it will help in developing the skills necessary to have more quality and freedom in your daily life.

The LifeChoice program is, however, meant to challenge you and to encourage you to take the next step in your evolution toward the life that you were meant to live. The more tools we have at our disposal the better our chances at attaining the quality of life we all deserve. As searching people we need to recognize and develop those given skills, talents, strengths and resources that we all possess. They can help us, not only travel, but stay on our road to greater peace in our lives and happiness within our families and other significant relationships.

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May you experience Peace, Prosperity and Happiness on your journey.

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