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Beautiful and real and so peaceful.

Commentary:  When I got up this morning I thought that today would be a good news day. I was determined to use this spot as a place to report ‘good news’–something that warms us in our hearts. I’m sure there are things going on somewhere-right?

It is so easy to find things in the news or on TV that just anger us or are so nasty and despicable but we can’t seem to turn away from the larger than life reporting that needs to be so graphic in order to attract and keep viewers. Some news shows are trying to include some little thing at the very end of their broadcasts if they run a bit short of ‘bad news’ but for the most part good news is hard to find. I spent quite a while trying to track down some upside news happenings but had very little luck.

I’m not sure what this all means other than the fact that many folks want to see the gory details and the awful things that people do to each other so that they can have something awful to say or complain about. If we are not appalled we don’t seem happy??  Strange creatures we humans.

What Was She Thinking?  I am referring to Kathleen Wynne, of course, when she made her ill-fated announcement concerning the brain spasm someone in her cabinet put together about all of us moving to complete reliance on electricity to heat our homes and the plan to be near free from fossil fuels to keep us alive. Not a bad idea until you consider the impact on seniors, fixed-income folks and those who can barely make ends meet now. The costs of re-tooling our homes will be enough to sink thousands of people into a hole of poverty.  Why can’t politicians just put their brains in motion before they start to put their mouths in gear trying to look good or sound intelligent? But if this is the case why would we even think about putting hundreds of millions of dollars into pipe lines and refineries now? Why aren’t we spending our scarce enough financial resources on beginning to build the infrastructure needed to make a quick switch? It takes a great deal less time and money to build massive solar farms. The Topaz Solar Farm in California took about 2 years to build and it services approximately 160,000 homes as an experimental project. The technology is available and so is the expertise. Apparently it can be.

Parenting Tip for The Week:  There is a growing problem with teens becoming more angry and violent. Despite what the TV folks and the staunch advocates for people to watch what they want, there is some credence in the idea that violence on TV has an effect on the anger and violence levels of those who watch a great deal of it. If your teen has you concerned about growing tension, apathy or violent outbursts in your home, or anywhere else for that matter, there are a couple of things that need to happen quickly:

–without threats of retaliation to your teenager help him/her (yes young women are getting there too) go over some basic rules for the house and that physical violence or threats of violence takes things over a line that is not acceptable. At the same time if you can see that your child is becoming undone suggest taking a break in that moment-a cooling off period with the idea of coming together after a short break to talk about what is going on and how else the problem can be worked out without the use of violence or threat. Your home MUST be a violent free zone. If you are going to try to engage your kids in dialogue be prepared to listen to what they are saying. Try to  negotiate a solution that works or an explanation of why things may not work the way the kids want it to. Make clear your thinking so they can understand what you stand for and what you are or are not prepared to tolerate.

–pay close attention to what they are watching on TV and draw limits as to how much and for how long they watch violence. Talk about how the situation on a TV show could have been handled differently without the use of force.

–model appropriate behaviour in your own day to day life. Saying one thing and doing another isn’t going to work for long. Even when you are pushed to the max you need to walk away and cool off before you attempt to talk to your kids about what they will need to do differently regarding how they manage their difficulties. The message is ALWAYS  saying: ” violence is never the answer.”

For more parenting information click on this link.

Feel Good Video of the Week:  I’m sure many out there have seen this but if you haven’t bring your Kleenex and enjoy this truly remarkable video.

I apologize for not having the link included in the article but if you type in:  in youtube it will come up–enjoy

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