The Week Gone By . . .


So What did happen this week?

The Second Cornerstone

I, once again, had the good fortune to be able to discuss the second ‘cornerstone’ from my book “A Man’s Work Is Never Done . . . A Novel About Mentoring Our Sons” with Dr. Anne Marie Evers on her radio show. An hour goes by so quickly it seems. She is ¬†great interviewer and gets right to the heart of things so that we can maximize our time together on the air. During our discussion this week I spoke about the role that anger plays in our ability to be successful parents-either single parents or co-parents- and how we can use our anger as a strength and a positive force in our lives. It will be on the air this Saturday at 3:00pm to 4:00pm EST so just go on line and type in: and look for Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show or go to my web site next Wednesday at Go to the media page and find the interview right there. Click the link and away you go.



The APSGO  Conference Is Nearing

If you live in the Newmarket area and are a parent who finds yourself struggling trying to raise a teenager(s) either as a single parent, co-parent or grandparent(s) or if you work in a social service agency, for the legal sector, the education sector or in a counselling service of some kind this conference is a must for you to attend. You will have the opportunity to speak with and listen to experts in the field of parenting and building more gratifying family relationships. You could gain some very useful tips, hints or strategies that could become invaluable to you in your home or your workplace. If you are not aware of APSGO and the fine work they do and the support they provide check out their web site at I will have more news about the conference as the date nears.


The Affiliates Program

The affiliates program continues to grow with new folks interested in participating and sharing their resources with people who are seeking new ways or ideas around living more productive and fulfilling lives. I will post a brief introduction of the program soon.


My Video Choice For The Week

Each week I offer up a video of some kind for your amusement, pleasure or to present a different point of view that perhaps interests you in some way.

Something to consider when thinking about prematurely ending life–the instincts of human beings are very powerful no matter what age we are considering

Talk to you again next week–thanks, James



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