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It’s Coming And We Have To Ask, “Are We Ready?”–The Answer: No We Are Not.


For the most part I am a reasonably upbeat person who likes to find the positives in life around me. Every once in a while though I come across something that points me in a different direction. This quote by Mark Twain found me the other day and here we are.

It is quite true that I take my politics very seriously. I trust the government of the day will do the best it can to protect me and my family from the ‘elements’ around me. I also want to believe that they will provide opportunities and possibilities for me to succeed if I am paying attention. Today I can enjoy what remains of my days with few worries but I worry about my children and my grand children.

Here’s why:

First of all I try not to create or knowingly provide any ‘fake news’ and I do a certain amount of research before I put my name to something that I hope others will notice or read and pass on to others. Do I always get it right–the facts–yeh most of the time. Am I always right–absolutely not. You, the reader, have to decide which points or claims suit you best.

I have spent the better part of 2 years researching, writing, talking, interviewing and recording conversations. Comments from a variety of ‘teachers’ lead me to believe the education system, despite a mountain of proof to the contrary, will eventually render us uncompetitive in the global marketplace. We will not remain very relevant in terms of global educational readiness. Our reputation for preparedness will be more difficult to demonstrate when speaking about being leaders in innovation, creativity and competitiveness.

Our government of the day needs to lead by directing the educational system to begin to prepare our new generations of learners for what is to come. Technology will be the master. Learners will need to make appropriate decisions about what the best career choices might be based on what business is saying they will need from a new workforce. Education needs to be client-centered not institutionally centered. Learners need to be directing their own education and not the other way around. Our 7th place ranking the in world for quality education is misleading. Whose ahead of us?–(1) South Korea, (2) Japan, (3) Singapore, (4) Hong Cong, (5) Finland, (6) United Kingdom, (7) Canada, (8) Netherlands, (9) Ireland, (10) Poland, (11)Denmark, (12) Germany,           (13) Russia, United States (14) and Australia at (15). See the complete list.

In terms of employment opportunities we are talking about instituting a ‘Living Wage’ program because unemployment rates are judged they will be somewhere around 40% as early as 5-6 years from now. How can that be? The incredible advances and the speed of these advances concerning manufacturing jobs. How can we survive at that rate? We can’t and yet education programs have changed little to demonstrate new methods and ideas around how to keep kids in school longer? How do we provide a curriculum that embraces new new ideas about new careers? Do we understand that many careers our children are being taught today will not exist in 4-5 years? let alone provide employment. If that is true then why are our institutions still offering near outdated programs?

The system that we trust to lead us and watch out for us has no idea where to go next. Has the educational system been caught like a deer in the headlights or they are just plain unwilling to accept the reality of new technology taking over and they becoming less relevant?

The F.T.P.–update:

F.T.P.–stands for Forward Thinking Program. I have made mention of this project in past newsletters but only in a passing way. Now it has or is becoming a reality. A colleague and I have been working on this for two years now. I have just completed the first draft of FTP so it has been moved on to the editors desk for the next stage in the process.

FTP represents a new way of thinking about how we educate our children (learners) so they can be more competitive, innovative and creative when they enter the marketplace. Learners will be presented with, not only an opportunity to study and learn about what interests and excites them, but also how to live in harmony with work mates, how to function in a collegial environment, how to develop and share ideas of common interest, how to problem solve more effectively, how to manage their emotions more effectively, how to communicate more effectively and how to manage depression, stress, anxiety and relationships so they aren’t as debilitating or crippling. It is not enough to just prepare for a job–not anymore. Education needs to include preparing our children for LIFE.  More to come in the coming weeks.    

Got a long ways to go to make it presentable but we have come a great distance as well. Peripheral support is beginning to pay attention. We have caught the attention of some folks who want to learn more about what we are talking about. Once the document is edited and I have it back we will need to create footnotes and references for all the claims made and facts stated. Then we will start to offer up parts of the program for folks to look at and ask about. Our hope is that parents and grand parents will take a notice and start to see that they have a great role they can play in helping guide their a part of their childrens’ education instead of leaving that up to strangers. As I said–much more to come.

Truth Talkin’ Thursday:

Jane and I discussed a bit more of how and what would provoke a man to display emotion. We also chatted about  the words and phrases we use to communicate with each other as partners in a relationship. These are the words that can cause meltdowns and even the end of a relationship that doesn’t need to end. For more go to my web page: then click on Truth Talkin’ Thursday and Episode 22 will pop right up for ya.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back in two weeks with another edition of my newsletter. Thanks for stopping by.

All the best, Jim


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